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Please help with voice chat problem

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Hello everybody,  I am new here.

So i played the pc version for 2 years and finally moved to PS4, but when people talk into microphones, all i can hear is high pitch voices.(like chipmunks)

The thing is, that i can hear them normally in the lobby.

PC version doesn't have this problem.

Platform is PS4

Hope you can help!

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Welcome to the forums!

Did you manage to find any solution for this? Really annoying thing to happen. Hope you did, let us know.

If you're interested in finding any PS4 players here, I usually point people towards the general gamertag thread. Loads of tags from forum members there, could be worth a try to see who is still playing. And there's also the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employement Agency, they have a PS4 group and you can find them on General.

Also, please look at the Rules & Regs forum for general guidelines about posting here. Hope this helps!



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