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Hello, from a veteran player!

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Hi, y’all! I’m relatively new to the forums but I’ve been playing the game since release. Usually just lurk and read up on forums, but I’m trying to be a little more active in the community lately. 😁 F13 is still one of my favorite games & I continue to play it a lot, and I’m extremely grateful to the devs for their continued efforts despite the legal issues preventing new content. 

I’m usually around in the official discord so thought I’d introduce myself here too! I play primarily on PC, but also picked this up on the switch. I have a group of fun, experienced players and some new as well, and always looking to invite some new people to the group! 

Feel free to add my steam, /hbunot is my community profile url, if you’re looking for some chill, mature people to play with. Hope y’all are having a safe quarantine! 💕

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Welcome to the forums!

Good to hear you're still enjoying and playing the game a lot. It's frustrating to think about how much more they could've added in without the legal handcuffs, but good there are dedicated players still.

Being a long-timer means you likely won't need these links, but I always try to post them in case they're some use. We have the general Gamertag thread for forum members to post their tags, lots of Steam IDs in there as well, and there's also a PC group in the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agency if you're not part of them already.

Also, please check out the Rules & Regs forum for general guidelines about using this place. Hope you get more good games in soon!



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