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When that banned winmdll file was still a thing...

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I originally didn't know it was a stupid thing to do because of my utter lack of common sense, but some random ass dude just came up to me on steam and messaged me that he had the file that gives you dlc clothing, emotes, medium bloody skins, and even our beloved Savini Jason. (Obviously the file is long gone now)

He actually asked me to pay for it and again due to my complete lack of common sense, I went down to 7/11 and bought a steam gift card and he gave the file to me, and it worked so I gave him the code for the gift card and stuff.

It's only just occurred to me that its annoying how now that no one can get that file anymore, I basically wasted $20 on that day to something that was going to be banned anyway lol.

Storytime's over


Also hell nah I'm not sooking like "ooooooh i paid for that gimme my money" I'm just sharin the info of how damn dumb I was lol.

But yeah the files gone now so nothing we can really do..

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I think you mean to say the file has been patched so it doesn't work anymore. The file still exist but it is pointless to have it. Yeah if you would have done some research you could have gotten it for free but that is water under the bridge now. I think just about everyone was using that file at one point in time truth be told.

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