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So What Do You Think Happened To The 'Beyond' Streams?

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Those streams were actually just a limited series biopic and live screenplay adaption of the forums loosely based on controversial events that took place between the Gun Media staff, illfonic staff and it's forum members. The film is set somewhere between the years 2017-2018.

You see, it was never meant to be about weekly streams covering a game with no future development or talking about common info we already see on their social media. No company in their position would ever do that. They're not Behaviour from DBD.

Not much is known about which character one of the Gun staff is portraying from the forums or which forum member the chat users are cast as. There's also belief that any upcoming patches you hear them talking about were really just reenactments about the past updates from the forums. 

Whenever the stream ends and the live chat is still running, many believe that is symbolic representing the lack of communication from the Gun Media staff or their permanent decision to create a distant relationship from the community they have done in the past.

The final episode of Beyond left many confused and full of questions on why the show didn't return without an explanation. However, this could've been done on purpose to symbolize how often Ben and Randy, who were important key members surrounding the updates/communication issues during the height of the game, would interact with the community and eventually leaving, cutting all contacts without a explanation. In this case, this would strongly support the theory that Ben and Randy was likely the characters being portrayed in only some of the episodes and the finale, but not all of them.

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