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Hello all,



Just purchased the ultimate slasher edition on PS4 after finally getting around to it. Wanted to jump on and say that I will be playing this quite a bit and keep an eye out for me online. Username is the same as here for PSN, so if you see me on....be gentle lol.



Still getting the hang of the game as I can't quite figure out the counselors just yet....and seem to always do things the hard way.



Anyways, love the game. Hope to hear from you all.

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Welcome to the forums!

Both Alkavian and Kodiak have pinned threads in the General forum that may offer some tips & tricks for playing as the counsellors. Although do bear in mind that there have been some patches and changes since they were originally posted, so may not be 100% accurate at this point. Still, some good advice. With Jason there's always Offline Bots for some practise, but yeah, with the counsellors just gotta keep getting those games in and finding someone you like.

If you're interested in finding some players in here to help out, I'd suggest trying the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agency as they have a group of PS4 players and aim to play the game as intended. There's also the general Gamertag thread, which has a huge amount of forum member tags from over the years.

And please take a look at the Rules & Regs forum for guidelines about using this place. Happy gaming!



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