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Who is “Super TY” On here?

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So I’ve been playing since day 1 on PS4 but lately I have been working on my PC steam account as “Campfacer” and  last night my daughter and I were both in a match and was asked by “Super TY” in the menus text if I was from the forums and I said yes but he had no mic! Just curious who he is on here  because it was a fun few matches he rescued me in the car and another I helped him repair the boat and another he was the only survivor from my daughter as the Jason lol by the way she’s 13 and just started the game and currently hit level 29 she loves part 2 Jason and loves slashing LOL!  Her favorite is Debra and let me tell you she is a hell of a phone box repair person!!! 
Anyways I thought it was cool after all these years to bump into a random Forum member in game!

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