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Rank the Friday the 13th movies

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(Sorry if this is the wrong section to put this post, I didn't know where to put the thread. I also tried to search a thread like this and found nothing. There's some spoilers in here as well, sorry about that I wasn't sure on how to do a spoiler tag on a post)

Part IV: The Final ChapterThis was one of my favorite Jason movies out of the whole series and I like the kills in this movie especially the corkscrew one, that must of be f'n painful. Also I think this movie would of been a great way to end series if they hadn't kept making more movies. 

Part VI: Jason LivesMy 2nd favorite movie in the series and a great guilty pleasure of a movie to watch. It would of been nice to see more of Tommy and Jason battle it on, but still a good movie. The ending could of been better, like Tommy really f*cked up and brought back a killing machine by mistake. You would think he would make sure Jason dies for good this time instead of "he's right back where he belongs" not thinking that Jason could of easily escaped or someone else would accidentally bring Jason back like in part 7.  

Friday the 13th reboot - Some of you might think it's weird to put this high on the rank list but I actually enjoyed the remake, imo it blows the original out of the water and even better Jason was actually in the movie. It was like parts 2,3,4 mashed in together which is cool and atleast the lead guy was a better version of rob, since the one on part 4 thought he was gonna be the hero to defeat Jason but instead yelled out like a b*tch as he was fighting Jason in the basement, "He's killin me!" lol. 

Part III A movie with a nice beginning theme song and a fun one to watch with good kills also. Goofball jason at it's best, able to kill everyone but gets his ass handed to him by some chick. It's like "Look at me rocking in my new mask, I'm gonna kill you all now" The final girl "Nope you ain't killing me tonight you goofball mutha f*cka"." :D

Freddy vs. JasonSeeing two iconic slashers battle each other to the death was cool. It's nice that they made the fight a draw, because if it weren't for the remaining survivors, Freddy would of won while Jason was almost dying. 

Part II A solid sequel to the original and imo, much better than the first movie. I like the final girl in this one and she sure shows mr hillbilly potato sack dude that she can't be f'd with lol. My only gripe about the movie is the confusing ending, what was a dream and what was not, I don't think will ever know

Part VII: The New Blood - This wasn't a bad entry of the series but still a decent one to watch. Imagine if there was a Jason vs Carrie movie, well you see it all right here. 

Jason Takes Manhattan - The first Friday the 13th movie that I've seen, not the best entry in the series but a fun one to watch and the theme song was a good choice for the movie as well. It would be nice if USA network still played this movie, but I guess I could just watch it on DVD now which I own. 

Part V: A New BeginningI thought this movie was okay, yea I know there's no Jason and more of an impersonator but imo I think what saved this movie from not being a crappy one is that it had some comedic relief in it.

Friday the 13th original - Imo, I think this movie was good for the mystery built into it like who is this mysterious person killing people. I find it hard to believe that Pamela went all over camp to kill most of the counselors and move their bodies all over the place all by herself which makes me think maybe Jason actually helped her out. Despite the fact that there was clearly a male's hand holding down Jack's head as he was getting an arrow in the back of his neck while laying down in bed.   

Jason XI thought it was an okay movie, I think Jason going to space was a weird idea to go for. 

Jason Goes to Hell - This movie was such a hot mess and it just completely sucked. Idk why movies like these get made when it looks crappy on film. 


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1. Jason Lives - my favorite of all The Friday films a fun and creepy film that builds to the best Ending in all the Franchise Tommy vs Jason In the middle of Crystal Lake surrounded by a ring of Fire!!

2. Re-make F13 -Same reasons you listed actually I feel the same that it took all the best parts of part 2,3 and 4 and combined them into a really good Remake.

3. F13 part 4 - Brutal Jason great setting with the Jarvis and party house and of course introduced Tommy Jarvis.

4. F13 part 3- The one where he got his infamous hockey mask cool kills! Love Chris Higgins and the cat and mouse chase by the killer and his would be victim in this one.

5. F 13 part 2- Jason is quite the novice Killer in this but still comes off very creepy and a legitimate threat..... love that ending with Jason breaking through the windows grabbing Ginny.

6. F13 part 7- Hodders first Run as Jason cool premise great effects and costume....this one feels like it could have been the best Friday of them all if it wasn’t for the MPAA censoring the shit out of it.

7. Jason Goes to Hell- Lol people will disagree with me I am sure but honestly this film is extremely entertaining for me.... amazing kills especially in the Un- Rated version I Loved Jason’s look in this and even enjoyed the twist on the mythology Jason seems even more evil in this movie compared to others.

8. Jason X - Another divisive film in the franchise....you either love it or hate it.....I personally love it I can enjoy it for what it is a fun popcorn horror move to sit back and watch Jason do what he does best in a completely new and different setting.....the future and in space.

9. F13 the original - the one that started it all I truly appreciate everything this film does....the POV killer, Betsy Palmer as Jason’s  mother it’s great.......but it’s slow pace works against it when compared to the rest of the franchise.

10. F13 part 8-  What can I say they did a good job for the limitations on the budget.......a cruise ship and trip to NYC it’s still fun And Kane “Kills” it in his portrayal as usual...but that Ending really left me scratching my head.

11. Freddy vs Jason - I thought this film was very well made considering some of the script ideas that were originally bouncing around were incredibly ridiculous......”Fred Heads” some demonic preacher as the main villain using the both of them.....what!! What they did was probably for the best but I still feel Hodder Should have been cast as Jason and the film would have been that much better for it.

12. F13 part 5- I actually enjoy this movie every time I watch it, the atmosphere is great the kills are awesome too but the others on the list I enjoy more so unfortunately one of the films had to be at the bottom and this is it.


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1º -> Part 3 

2º -> Part 6 

3º -> Part 5 

4º -> Part 2

5º -> Part 1

6º -> Part 8 

7º -> Part 4

8º -> Part 7

9º -> Part X

10º -> Remake

11º -> Part 9

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I find it funny just less than this post I made this https://tiermaker.com/create/friday-the-13th-film-tiers-76915 lol!

Friday the 13th Part 7: The New Blood: The first Friday the 13th film I ever watched as a Kid.....seeing Kane Hodder as Jason was a freighting but interesting to see Jason for the first time was amazing to me the kills were wickedly good such as the sleeping bag, and the original deleted scenes such as the head crushing scene.

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives: Seeing C.J. Graham as the credited Jason I was hoping to see what the previous actors can do and man C.J. did not disappoint! the mild comedy and the amazing acting of Thom Mathews, the directors writing and plot were all got me hooked to the movie!

Friday the 13th Part 3: Richard Brookers Jason was always one of my favorites! seeing the clumsy/novice killer always make for a character development, seeing how Jason approached things before the future films make it a favorite in my heart!

Friday the 13th Part 4: The Final Friday: Ted Whites aggressive and Brutal version of Jason is only the best part of the film for me! the ending wasn't my favorite.

Friday the 13th (1980): Seeing it being a female serial killer and the killer being Pamela Voorhees the Mother of Jason was a plot-twist I never once saw coming!

Jason X: Just fun to see! Kane becoming Jason for the 4th/final time was fun to see! the writing wasn't that bad and its comedy parts were good!

Friday the 13th Part (2009): Seeing Derek Mears pull off a Part 2/3 Jason with such uncanny movement/motives makes for an amazing film! the story,narrative,motives, and cast were all amazing! it's my most favorite in the remakes!

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan: Seeing Kane for the 2nd time as Jason was yet again nice to see it kept consistency to the character but the company butchered the hell out of the film but overall its a nice sight to see!

Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason Goes to Hell: Jason's Design and the Kills is what I loved about the film but writing/plot logic? utter trash!

Freddy Vs Jason: No Kane Hodder as Jason, Jason was bland, the writing wasn't even good, and Freddy didnt get no kills! and it was only saved because of Robert!

Friday the 13th Part 5: The New Beginning: I will be 100% honest.....I did not whatsoever liked the concept of there being a copycat and nor did I ever like it having no actual Jason....I like the dark humor and the characters but the motive and reasoning why Roy killed was not just unoriginal but also too coincidental  and wasn't my cup of tea for a slasher series turning into a anthro copy cat concept.

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1. Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter

2. Friday the 13th, Part III

3. Friday the 13th: A New Beginning

4. Friday the 13th, Part VI: Jason Lives

5. Friday the 13th (2009)

6. Friday the 13th (1980)

7. Friday the 13th, Part 2

8. Friday the 13th, Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan

9. Friday the 13th, Part VII: The New Blood

<insert large gap>

10. Jason X

11. Freddy vs Jason

12. Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday

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1: Part VI

2: Part II - They botched the ending, but I love me some Amy Steel

3: Jason X - The least scary, but still highly amusing 

4: Part IV

5: Part VII

6: Friday the 13th (1980) 

7: Part III

8. Part V 

9: Friday the 13th (2009)

10: Freddy vs Jason 

11: Part 8 

12: Jason goes to Hell

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