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Hello Everybody,

I got this game for the PS4 on Christmas and I think this is a great game.  I've been playing almost every day since.  Initially, I got killed a lot but now I'm somewhat competent.  I usually win the game by either running to the police, hitching a ride in the car, or the timer runs out.  I have yet to win the game by using the boat or driving the car on my own.  I have met a few friendly Jasons who let me practice driving the car in a private match so I gained a little skill in that regard.  However, I have a long way to go.

One thing I noticed about this game is that it's very important the counselors cooperate with each other in order to either defeat Jason or escape.  Way too often, players run off, do their own thing, and don't communicate with each other (some players don't have even have microphones).  This forces me to be a "lone wolf" character a lot of the time.  I originally started off playing as either Kenny or Vanessa.  Then I tried Adam and AJ.  Now I mainly play Fox.  IMHO, she seems to be best lone wolf character.

I would love to play with other people who will either be a friendly Jason and thus let me get some driving practice in or who really understand the value of teamwork and owns a mike.  If either of those items appeal to you and you own a PS4, please send a friend request to odista2000.

Again, I think is a great game and I look forward to spending more hours playing it.



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