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So I thought of a way to incorporate more ways to use the window. Two story windows to be exact. While getting out/escaping (not suicide dive), there'll be a prompt to quickly press with X/B/whatever. This'll allow you to do a quick 180, and grab the window frame to hang. You'll have another way to juke/trick Jason into thinking you're going out the window. I feel this'll be super helpful with countering the rage buff. Stamina gain is also possible, but it does have its disadvantages. Jason can do an instant kill if they guess correctly. A slicing off the fingers kill, maybe impale head with weapon? Ha! As a joke kill, Jason could just slam the window shut, and the counselor will let go in fear, and fall to their death. Damage from this lesser two story drop, will be halved. Fair enough in my opinion. Shitty to think this'll be considered new content. Even though they could just use the animations in the game (like they added the tractor in Pinehurst), and that's all. Minus the window slamming kill, totally doable. Damn, I wrote a lot!

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