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I've mained Savini since the game came out and there's two Jason's that share his best perks, which is Shift+ and Destruction... his weapon damage perk doesn't work properly so it's negated from his kit.

Part 8 has Destruction.

Part 6 has Shift+ / Weapon Range

Whichever one you prefer, go with that one as the alternative to Savini.

Part 8 and 6 are the best Jason's in the game for cool down speeds as well so take that for what it's worth.

I get that everyone has different play styles and if setting traps is your thing then Part 2 is probably better for a lot of people but if we're getting down to the math and speed of things, Part 6 and part 8 are top tier with Savini being the best over all Jason in the game.

To back up this proof, Savini Jason's downsides are negligible and he has 3 amazingly positive perks that pretty much break the game...

If his weapon damage+ perk actually did extra damage, he'd be insane... but from what I've read it's bugged and he does normal damage which is probably a good thing considering  he has the longest range in the game next to Part 6.

EDIT: I forgot that we can change Jason's weapons now, so yeah, Part 8 is basically on par with Part 6 for range if you switch his Axe out for the spear... I prefer smashing down doors faster honestly, and the extra speed in water doesn't hurt either.

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I’d say part 6 or part 8. Part 6 because of the +shift, and, if you’re using the spear, it’s a long rage weapon great for defense, and it’s very similar to the pitchfork. Part 8 because of the +destruction, breaking down doors in three hits. 

I’d also say part 4 is kind of similar to Savini Jason, only because of the +destruction and +weapon strength. His shift is horrible, though, so that doesn’t compare. So I’d say part 4 is the closest you can get (but like a running version with negative shift) since he shares two strengths, but he might not be the best choice because +shift is better than those two stats.

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The only Jason I couldn't survive against. Savini Jason is so scary and strong at the same time that reminds me to be afraid of Jason.

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