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Hello everyone, I'm a decent enough player trying to get better at the game overall. Getting there, but still could improve more. Right now though, I'm mostly just achievement hunting and trying to level up. I really want to unlock all the Jasons and everything. Currently at level 31, cusp of 32.

Currently I'm after this one achievement, "A Classic" for the sleeping bag kill. I've kept asking for help online, but so far no takers. If anyone is interested in helping me, please message me and I'll share you my gamertag. I'd really appreciate the help on this. So far it seems like no one wants to even help if they don't get something out of it too. If anyone wants to help, please let me know. I'd really like to get this done already.

Good to meet you all.

Update: Got the achievement, nice player helped me out with it. Sorry to have bothered you all. Maybe I can ask your help with something else another time.

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Welcome to the forums!

Glad you were able to find some advice and get that achievement. Sorry you've not had very helpful players so far, though.

The two main places I recommend for finding some Xbox One players are firstly the general Gamertag thread - lots of tags from forum members on there over the years - and secondly the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agency over in General forum, who have an Xbox group. Both are worth a look if you have time.

Please also look in the Rules & Regs forum for some general guidelines about using this place. Do hope you can find some new players from those two places and have some more friendly games!



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