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Ideas i had for the current state of F13 the game.

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A few ideas i had for the current state of f13 the game that wouldnt break the no new content rule:

Rage mode

Rage mode is fine, i like the fact that Jason cant be stunned while hes in rage mode, but i feel like he should not have this buff when his mask is off, as in, he cant walk through doors anymore and can still be stunned. 

HP bar

The only thing Jason's hp bar correlates to is the time it takes to get his mask off, thats it.

When his hp is low, his abilities should have less of a recharge time, he gets stunned more easily, his grip strength should be significantly decreased, and his overall damage should be reduced.

This wouldnt affect the amount of hits it takes to break doors as thats tied to the weapon (or at least maybe it should be?)

Bear traps

Should be able to be disarmed with ANY ITEM, this includes fire crackers and health spray, as a Jason can just spam them around the car with no avail, the draw back to this would be to make them harder to spot. You cant use the keys or phone fuse on them, obviously. Or if thats too busted you could opt to do it for the weapon youre currently holding but it breaks. (Or make it so it can only be set off with the machete/axe)

Counsoler buffs

Increase hitspeed, and hit boxes on their attacks. Decrease recovery UNLESS stamina is low. Increase overall stamina recharge rate. Please.

Grabbing as Jason

Should be done by pressing multiple buttons and not just one. For instance you have the standard A/B/X/Y, press one and it gives you a random 3 button prompt to do the kill. This doesnt apply to environmental kills, these are still one button.

This could even correlate to Jasons health:

Mid- 4 buttons
Low- 5 buttons
Mask off- 6 buttons

Or you could even make it a buff or nerf on the jason list depending on which one  is being played. 

killing Jason

If you knock jason on his knees during the trance when you have the sweater, he shouldnt be able to resist out of that, instead make it a 15 second timer for Tommy to deliver the final blow, or 30 depending on the jason or fairness

Tommy Jarvis

If a player ESCAPES he should not be able to come back as Tommy Jarvis, leave that to players that have been killed ONLY

Or make it a priority thing:
If a third of the players have escaped then a Tommy J can spawn. But it should always prioritize death over escapes.

Im also thinking that maybe Tommy shouldnt be able to escape unless all of the other counsolers have died or escaped themselves, since your main goal as Tommy J is to protect the counsolers or kill Jason

Final notes

I hope someone reads this and takes some of these ideas into consideration. I really do enjoy this game and would love to have it live on for a long time despite the content ruling. Thank you!

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I had a lot more notes lol, and i needed to spellcheck

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16 hours ago, Stoob said:

Or make it a priority thing:
If a third of the players have escaped then a Tommy J can spawn. But it should always prioritize death over escapes.

It does prioritize death over escapes for Jarvis selection.

The rest of your ideas I don't get. Apparently you're a counselor main and you think Jason is OP? Good luck getting them to buff counselors and nerf Jason.

Honestly I don't think they have the manpower to make any changes at this point. I would expect a few more bug fixes, and that's about it.  Unfortunately, "No new content" killed the game a long time ago.

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