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14 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

The whole fake stat thing really irks me.

You would think things like Stun Resistance would make a huge difference in gameplay and help balance out Part 3, Roy, Part 9, etc instead they offer nothing. Part 9 gets absolutely nothing having it as a strength. Those with it as a weakness don't suffer anything backbreaking.

But the cases can be made for the counselors too and other stats that basically come off inconsistent/irrelevant.


As Somethin Cool said, +Stun Resist is actually a negative in the context of demasking as stun dmg is a fraction of the Dmg a Jason takes in comparison to a non-stun. So actually it is fortunate that it doesn’t actually work (particularly on a -Def 85 health), but quite pathetic that these stats were not only left in the game as non-functional to begin with, but portrayed as a “strength” in place of actual strengths. It actually defies logic how it could possibly be described as a strength when it simply means you could be demasked and subsequently killed faster (if it actually worked). Logic 😃

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On 10/30/2019 at 9:32 PM, Dragonfire82877 said:

There’s no way it was latency in this clip. I blocked one attack, knew the Vanessa player was about to attack so I stayed in block, but she still got the stun.

Maybe you were pressing block, but as far as the Jason avatar goes, he's not doing the block animation. So either you fumbled the controls or there's some kind of delay happening between entering combat stance and when block is available. Maybe you need to wait a second after entering combat stance before you press the block button. Just a guess.

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