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My Honest Opinion on the Overpowered Rage Mode

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On 2/9/2020 at 8:35 PM, aurllcooljay said:


The point of the video was to show how well organized counselors can be. You have to admit tanking the traps so quickly then hiding out in the cabins is pretty clever.

The 2nd video was rough, but you helped allow it become rougher on yourself by a few mistakes

One - It's a combo of prep at the boat house.  The trap on the door was pointless.  Double trap the fuse box.  You spent so long there at the beginning of the match, smartly because you saw Shelly was hanging out in the area, but didn't take out the windows. 

Two - Tiffany at the car.  You got grab happy on her when she was limping.  You paid for it.  Missed a few grabs, ate a PK, and she ate your trap.  You should have just chopped her down because you knew she didn't have a spray.

Three - When Tommy tanked your trap, you tried to walk to him.  You had shift ready.  The play should have been to shift to him and try to chop him down at the box.  Instead you got shot by a flare, got stunned, and allowed an easy escape for Tommy.  Either you would have killed Tommy or he would have shotgunned you.  Either way makes that situation a little easier for you. 

All of this in combination made that situation near impossible for you stop, double trap the box, don't let Tiffany eat the trap, and Tommy while tanking one trap someone would still have to tank the second to fix the box.   

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On 2/11/2020 at 4:13 PM, TimDuke 01 said:

I watched the videos above and the one where you are Part 2, You trap the first power box without making sure it was the Tommy radio power which it wasn't and you re -trapped it 2  more times. If you don't get it first morph it is pointless trapping any of the power boxes, Tommy more than likely has been called you got lucky he never was.It was the main house power box that controlled the Tommy radio which they only repaired once. Total waste of traps. You also got lucky they got too cocky trolling you with the car and got it stuck. They could have been long gone. Need to work on your quick tosses with throwing knives and you were a bit too grab happy at times you should have slashed.

Yes I made some mistakes, but please keep in mind the point of the videos was more about how some scenarios can be out of Jason's control rather than how good of a Jason I am. I say that with the knowledge that had I done things differently things wouldn't have been as bad and do appreciate the feedback.

It wasn't luck Tommy didn't get called in the first video. The reason I took out those two generators was because the radio tower wasn't in the intro, which meant the Tommy house was either at Blair's Cove or above the lodge. And at the rate the traps were getting tanked I didn't really have time to make sure where the radio actually was. Whether those players were actually trying to call Tommy or just mess with me I'll never know, but that was a risk I couldn't take.

Now lets say I didn't make any mistakes. Would that have guaranteed I could have prevented a Tommy call and keep the objectives in check the whole time?

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