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Raise Max Level... Is it Possible?

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Does anyone know if it's possible for Gun to raise the max level? I've been 150 for over a year. Raising it might give some other 150s a reason to pick up the controller again.

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Yeah Matt said that maybe possible on the last Beyond video as someone did ask about that. It would not encourage me to start playing again if I had quit due to the level cap. If there is no  reward for leveling up really no point in doing it in my opinion. You'd be right back in the same position you are now with nothing to show for it other than to say I got to level 250 or what ever they would raise it to.

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What would be the point of raising the level cap?

Without an incentive with it ? There are no more unlockables at this point ....

If the developers added a 2x multiplier for CP for every level after 150 maybe but to just have a number increase with nothing to gain from it wouldn’t be worth doing.

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As someone who would likely be like level 500 now, raising the level cap does nothing for me.

It's not like they can add more rewards for leveling past 150, it would just be a meaningless number. 

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10 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

What would be the point of raising the level cap?

One million percent this... 😎

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On 12/25/2017 at 3:23 PM, Treymaker said:

Unlockables for Levels 1-150:

NOTE: Unlocked characters are in bold. Bloody Jason skins are italicized. 

Unlocked during the match: Tommy Jarvis

Unlocked from the start at Level 1: Part 3 Jason (with Retro Jason skin), Part 5 Jason (with both green and blue jumpsuit skins), Vanessa, Chad, Jenny, Kenny, Shelly

Level 2: Clothing update #1 for Kenny

3: Part 6 Jason unlocked

4: A.J. unlocked

5: Clothing update #1 for A.J.

6: Deborah unlocked

7: Part 7 Jason unlocked

8: Buggzy unlocked

9: Clothing update #1 for Buggzy

10: Eric unlocked

11: Clothing update #1 for Eric

12: Clothing update #1 for Vanessa

13: Part 2 Jason unlocked, Clothing update #1 for Chad

14: Adam unlocked 

15: Clothing update #1 for Adam

16: Clothing update #1 for Deborah

17: Clothing update #2 for Buggzy

18: Tiffany unlocked 

19: Clothing update #1 for Tiffany

20: Part 8 Jason unlocked 

21: Clothing update #1 for Jenny

22: Clothing update #2 for Vanessa

23: Clothing update #2 for Chad

24: Mitch unlocked, Clothing update #2 for A.J.

25: Clothing update #2 for Deborah

26: Clothing update #3 for Buggzy

27: Clothing update #2 for Eric

28: Clothing update #2 for Adam

29: Clothing update #2 for Tiffany

30: Clothing update #2 for Kenny

31: Part 9 Jason unlocked 

32: Fox unlocked 

33: Clothing update #3 for Vanessa, Clothing update #3 for Chad

34: Clothing update #3 for A.J.

35: Clothing update #3 for Deborah

36: Clothing update #4 for Buggzy

37: Clothing update #3 for Eric

38: Clothing update #3 for Adam

39: Clothing update #3 for Tiffany

40: Clothing update #3 for Kenny

41: Clothing update #2 for Jenny

42: Victoria unlocked, Clothing update #4 for Vanessa

43: Clothing update #4 for Chad

44: Part 4 Jason unlocked, Clothing update #4 for A.J.

45: Clothing update #4 for Deborah

46: Clothing update #5 for Buggzy

47: Clothing update #4 for Eric

48: Clothing update #4 for Adam

49: Clothing update #4 for Tiffany

50: Clothing update #4 for Kenny

51: Clothing update #3 for Jenny

52: Clothing update #5 for Vanessa

53: Clothing update #5 for Chad

54: Clothing update #5 for A.J.

55: Clothing update #5 for Deborah

56: Clothing update #6 for Buggzy

57: Clothing update #5 for Eric

58: Clothing update #5 for Adam

59: Clothing update #5 for Tiffany

60: Clothing update #5 for Kenny

61: Clothing update #4 for Jenny

62: Clothing update #6 for Vanessa

63: Clothing update #6 for Chad

64: Clothing update #6 for A.J.

65: Clothing update #6 for Deborah

66: Clothing update #7 for Buggzy

67: Clothing update #6 for Eric

68: Clothing update #6 for Adam

69: Clothing update #6 for Tiffany

70: Clothing update #6 for Kenny

71: Clothing update #5 for Jenny

72: Clothing update #7 for Vanessa

73: Clothing update #7 for Chad

74: Clothing update #7 for A.J.

75: Clothing update #7 for Deborah

76: Clothing update #8 for Buggzy

77: Clothing update #7 for Eric

78: Clothing update #7 for Adam

79: Clothing update #7 for Tiffany

80: Clothing update #7 for Kenny

81: Clothing update #6 for Jenny

82: Clothing update #8 for Vanessa

83: Clothing update #8 for Chad

84: Clothing update #8 for A.J.

85: Clothing update #8 for Deborah

86: Clothing update #9 for Buggzy

87: Clothing update #8 for Eric

88: Clothing update #8 for Adam

89: Clothing update #8 for Tiffany

90: Clothing update #9 for Vanessa

91: Clothing update #9 for Chad

92: Clothing update #8 for Kenny

93: Clothing update #7 for Jenny

94: Clothing update #9 for A.J.

95: Clothing update #9 for Eric

96: Clothing update #8 for Jenny

97: Clothing update #9 for Kenny

98: Clothing update #9 for Adam

99: Clothing update #9 for Deborah

100: Clothing update #9 for Jenny

101: Clothing update #9 for Tiffany

102: Clothing update #1 for Mitch

103: Light Bloody Skin, Part 3 Jason 

104: Clothing update #1 for Fox

105: None

106: None

107: Light Bloody Skin, Part 6 Jason

108: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Rugby Player”

109: Clothing update #1 for Shelly

110: Light Bloody Skin, Part 7 Jason

111: Clothing update #1 for Victoria

112: None

113: Weapon Swapping Feature for all Jason’s unlocked

114: None

115: Light Bloody Skin, Part 2 Jason

116: Clothing update #2 for Mitch

117: None

118: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Disarm”

119: Light Bloody Skin, Part 8 Jason

120: Clothing update #2 for Fox

121: None

122: Light Bloody Skin, Part 9 Jason

123: None

124: Clothing update #2 for Shelly

125: New Grab Kill can be bought with CP “Free Kick”

126: Light Bloody Skin, Part 4 Jason

127: Clothing update #2 for Victoria

128: None

129: None

130: Light Bloody Skin, Part 5 Jason

131: None

132: Clothing update #3 for Mitch

133: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 3 Jason

134: None

135: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 6 Jason

136: None

137: Clothing update #3 for Fox

138: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 7 Jason

139: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 2 Jason

140: None

141: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 8 Jason

142: Clothing update #3 for Shelly

143: None

144: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 9 Jason

145: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 4 Jason

146: Heavy Bloody Skin, Part 5 Jason

147: None

148: Clothing update #3 for Victoria

149: None

150: None

Skull Challenges Emote Unlockables:

Challenge One (Broken Down):
No Survivors: Hurry
XP Score: Check Pockets
Undetected: The Cabin Boogie

Challenge Two (Power Struggle):
No Survivors: Take a bow
XP Score: Melbourne Shuffle
Undetected: Pelvic Thrust

 Challenge Three (Lights Out):
No Survivors: Scatter
XP Score: Air Guitar
Undetected: The Mia

Challenge Four (Stargazing):
No Survivors: Apologize
XP Score: What Was That?
Undetected: The Pumpkin Patch

Challenge Five (Packanack Party):
No Survivors: Victory!
XP Score: Gun Show
Undetected: Sexy Sway

Challenge Six (Snuggle by the Fire):
No Survivors: Getting Silly
XP Score: Friday Night Fever
Undetected: How Rude!
Challenge Seven (Strip Poker):
No Survivors: Yawn
XP Score: Feelin’ It
Undetected: The Vincent

Challenge Eight (Escaping):
No Survivors: Flirt
XP Score: Freaky Friday
Undetected: Flip Off
Challenge Nine (JASON IS HERE):
No Survivors: Temper Tantrum
XP Score: The Low Down
Undetected: The Bel-Air
Challenge Ten (Vacation Party):
No Survivors: Threaten
XP Score: Bouncin’ and Boppin’
Undetected: The Running Man

I believe this list to be complete, please post if you see something I missed or if you think I have something at the wrong level.


28 minutes ago, glowing ooze said:

i dont remember... do you even unlock anything when you reach 150??

He is a list of all level Unlocks from one of our other members.


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1 hour ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

He definitely did a great job with it!

Look at the date of the quoted post. That's one nice Christmas gift to the community.

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Here comes that 9,999 level cap increase to force us to grind for another few years. 😂

Wouldn't mind a level increase. It really has no purpose except to get new players saying ''Damn! They are at level 1,000! Let's quit and find a new lobby''. 😄

I would just grind offline bots to quickly hit the max level during a double xp event. Just like 150.

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