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Nintendo Switch Bugs September 9, 2019

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Hi Gun Media, 

First of all thank you for bringing this game to the Nintendo Switch, I absolutely love it, I've poured over 80+ hours and I can't get enough. Now I've seen bug reports here so I'm also gonna post my own, not sure if these have already been found and patched but as of today Sept 9, 2019 they still persist. 


-when joining friends, if the lobby is full and you fail to join you can no longer select quick play and some other menu buttons are disabled

-car wont go in reverse. Now im not sure if this is a ping issue? But i play with a contant 140-150 ping and the car just wont go in reverse for some reason.

-emotes for certain counselors cannot be set

So far these are the most game breaking for me. I really hope you guys can patch this up soon. Stay awesome! 



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Found another pretty rare bug.

 When using jasons teleport ability i teleported out of the map and died :( it was pretty rare though. But it happended. 

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