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How 2009 Remake Jason would of worked in Game!

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Now I’m not a big fan of that film although it’s a fun summer flick! And I know the game is over but I just thought of a way the “2009 Remake Jason” would have worked in the game!  And I thought of this idea because I have proved to people by doing a few “No Jason ability Challenge” which means you start the match as preferably a running Jason and you can’t use any abilities only jog slash grab kills knives and traps.  The few times I did this in a quick play without telling the players I ended up killing 3-5 plays every time using no abilities!!! 

Now my idea for this 2009 Jason would be that he has no abilities except Stalk immediately but with a long cool down but he can SPRINT like in the film! Preferably faster than a venessa, he also Has a heavy slash but weaker grab! 

Anyways in my experience with no abilities this Jason idea would work and weigh out especially with sprint! 

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That sounds interesting. He’s faster than Vanessa but with no abilities other than stalk. Should he get +Destruction? & +Weapon Strength? I think he should.

2009 Jason

Strengths :

+ Faster than Usain Bolt

+ Weapon Strength

+ Destruction 

+ Fear

Weaknesses :

- No Morph

- No Shift

- No Sense

- Stalk

This means he’ll have 5 traps, & decent water speed. I like this. I put fear on him because, if there was a strong but very fast killer on you, chances are you’d probably shit bricks.

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1 hour ago, DontZzz34 said:

If he could sprint faster than Vanessa how would anyone even stand a chance lol

Surviving the night maybe impossible but just regularly escaping would be doable 

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 good ideas @PowellCampsNAKED

 If he's faster than Vanessa, he shouldnt be able to Sprint indefinitely

Instead of knives he gets a bow

He can also roof glitch

Traps require a counselor to free other players

He has greater reach with his super long machete

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I was on board with the idea but it’s probably a bit too OP and goes out side of the f13 game boundaries. 

heres what his strengths should actually be.

+ Can Run ( But regular Jason running speed of course, he would make playing Vanessa useless) 

+ Traps

+ Stalk


- Sense

- Water Speed

- Grip Strength

I can see where he was going with this though. Making the hardest thing for this Jason to do is actually find counselors. Which is interesting because I believe it would make the game actually sort of scary. You can’t run but you can hide.




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