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Are You Happy With The Way They Designed Jason's Mechanics?

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I've been giving this some thought.

This isn't about him being strong or weak or buff or nerf, etc. This is solely about design.

I remember when beta first came out, there was a lot of debate about both Morph and Shift. Many claimed they were things Jason didn't or wouldn't do, despite direct evidence in many of the films of him being in one place, then another, especially in the later undead films like Part 8 for instance. Yet if you removed Shift, Jason probably wouldn't kill anybody, not anybody fast anyway. He most certainly would not be able to contest objectives if Morph wasn't an option. So these were liberties that had to be taken to make him a realistic threat for players that just wanted to run around or for him to be able to protect objectives.

Stalk is another one highly debated. Some say its super, duper powerful. Some believe its a joke due to counselors screaming out when Jason is near and not even seen. Perhaps this was a casualty of trying to be too much like the films with the constant chase music. Maybe what they should've done is give Jason his chase music once he hit rage or in the final minutes of the match, all the while before that he would be in a state of permanent silent stalk. No music cues and the only time counselors would cry out is he cut the power or they actually saw him.

Given the way the game is now. If people are looking for timeout wins. Stalk mostly becomes a luck weapon. Most counselors will cabin hop and only venture outside or from a comfort spot if they're sure they won't be shift grabbed. Jason more or less has to trick the counselors with Stalk. Yet the time out win is another whole situation itself not related to Jason's mechanics, so I don't want to go down that rabbit hole.

Some say Jason should've been able to pick up weapons and use them. I suppose they tried to mimic this film behavior with the context kills, however its not completely in spirit of the films when Jason would use anything from his bare hands to freaking toy horns to killing multiple people at once (Part 2, Part 6, Part 9) in a close radius. I suppose the base weapons were designed that way because they wanted to have a combat system in place. That's another whole ordeal I don't want to get into.

Another one of the highly debated parts of the game was Jason in terms of not being able to go through windows, grab through windows or close and lock doors. All things that never happened in the game. Wes himself said he didn't believe closing and locking doors is something Jason would do, despite direct evidence of him doing so in the films. This could've led to some interesting scenarios. For instance, if they kept the door to Jason's shrine room in tact. Jason could've gone in there and locked the door behind him each and every time someone went for his sweater. Or if someone was trying to loop him in a cabin or big building, he could simply the lock the door behind him, say in an upstairs bedroom similar to how counselors can close doors in his face.

The whole window situation would've led to some pretty tense moments. I suppose they left it the way it is because they wanted a safety net for counselors, even with the broken glass. You get near a window as counselor and manage to get in before you get shift grabbed/slashed or a knife in the back. You'll feel safe for a few seconds and gather some stamina back. So I suppose this was a necessary evil in terms of balance. However it doesn't change the fact that it was something done time and again in the films. Imagine all those trolls and do nothings that hop through a window or stand near a window looking to stun or damage Jason through a window suddenly get grabbed out of the window similar to the car grab and then killed? That would've been aces and it would've been neat to do with stalk. It also would've been a near guaranteed kill unless they had a pocket knife since Jason would have time to kill someone before a counselor could get outside. Basically if you died as a result of being pulled out of a window, it would be your fault.

In terms of Jason being able to go through the windows. I feel like a simple balance for that would've been him going through the window kinda slow like he did in Part 3, not like in Part 7 where he just jumps right in. Again, stalk and coming through a window would've been great.

I think Sense as a mechanic is neat, but its too simplistic and it really removes the trial and error aspect of play. Perhaps if it were a non toggle. It would be more balanced for both sides and when counselor were either not moving or outside, Jason would hear audible footsteps at interval off in the distance instead of seeing sound pings and the closer he got, the better the chance of finding them.

Then you have the differences between the human Jasons and undead Jasons. This is where the game really should've tried to make the two types more distinguishable outside of a poor shift for a couple of them and a slight jog for all of them. They really just kinda left this aspect completely vanilla. Perhaps in fear of being bogged down in the film canon...I have no idea.

For instance, the human Jasons all didn't run the same speed. Part 4 in the game is nowhere as fast as the film counterpart. I suppose giving them different run speeds would've created more metas and constant confusion. I remember when Part 4 was close to release. There were a lot of questions about whether he would be faster than 2 and 3 and he ended up being the same. For example on the other side of that, Part 6 was probably far and away the fastest undead Jason in terms of speed walking. Yet all the undeads walk the same speed. However then you look at Part 7 as he was originally and you could almost see why the gave him the bad shift, to sort of match how slow he was moving in the film...but then they changed it because as the game was and is currently designed and Jason himself...it didn't make for fun Part 7 gameplay.

And then again, you probably could've made some core base changes between the human and undead counterparts, as well as individualize them to make them feel unique and different.

I feel like all the human Jasons should be stunnable and for longer periods, but quicker overall with slight variance in speed. They would go through windows slowly, but lock and close doors quickly. I also feel like I'd trade out the shift mechanic for a sprint mechanic, which would've reflected the speed variance between the human Jasons. I feel like as a counter balance, Morph would probably have to be a base of 40 seconds like it is for Part 6, maybe even 60 seconds making it a crucial usage. However then that would open up a whole can of worms with stopping the car with no shift for human Jasons. The only thing that really makes sense is allowing him to jump onto the car and attacking the driver, something similar to what Part 6 does in the RV.

Those would be some of the base changes to human/running Jasons.

I feel like all the undead Jasons should be much harder to stun and have even quicker cooldowns on stun, but obviously slower overall with slight variances in fast walk speed with Part 6 being the fastest. They would go through windows like Part 7 and Part 4 did however, much quicker and close doors and lock them even faster than the human counterparts. I feel like Morph for all of them should be a base of 20 seconds like Part 2, maybe even 10 seconds. These Jasons would all have the same shift speed (the normal one), obviously no sprint mechanic and they would stop the car the way they do currently. I feel like melee combat for all of them would be like it is for weapon strength Jasons, maybe even stronger to compensate for no running.

Ok, this is long enough and getting ranty. My general point being the mechanics and design could've been more complex than what it ended up being.

Some might like the simplistic nature of the design though.

Maybe they wanted to make it as simple as possible or they had bigger plans but decided to rush production to meet a launch. Who knows.


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I like this thread. I hope it creates an interesting conversation. Do I like Jason mechanics? Well yes I definitely do like it and I love the game overall. Would I have done things differently to make it a much scarier game? Hell yes 

I would’ve made it as identical to the movie as possible. 

First, I’d have a super crazy buffed stalk mode that lasts several minutes and you can freely move around to while using it. It’d be almost infinite stalk and music only comes on if counselors visually see Jason on their screen. Then, I’d have morph and sense pretty much work the same as they do now. There would be no shift ability. I wouldn’t have a shift ability because I’d allow Jason to walk/run a tad bit faster, climb through windows, grab through windows, throw furniture, throw counselors, a more advanced combat tech, etc. playing as jason would take a lot of smart thinking with stalk. I feel the shift ability now takes away the scare in the game and makes it so every Jason player relies on it heavily and doesn’t care about playing smarter with stalk and creating more jump scares and just uses stalk as a vhs effect to trick counselors when you’re going to shift. Jason’s shift is too much of a direct approach Jason has to rely on too much. Also the fact counselors avoid Jason most of the time by zig zagging around right, left, backwards, forward, in a circle, etc to avoid him and his shift isn’t scary. It’s just a game of zig zagging the entire 20 minutes to avoid his shift constantly..... it’s kinda silly tbh  and About every kill would be a jump scare with my set up. To help with this I’d allow Jason to hide in hiding spots, close and lock doors as well. 

There would be no cars, boat, or cops to escape to. You didn’t see them repair and escape in the movie. They only defeated Jason. 

I’d give several ways to defeat Jason or you could also survive the night to..... 

ways to defeat Jason would vary from different maps and could only be done final 5 minutes of the game

All maps 

current kill but would be a lot harder. More mask hp especially

Higgens haven/small

Final girl barn set up like the movie only done solo

Crystal lake/small

Tommy J solo drown Jason via boulder on boat 

blow jason to smithereens via swat team like in part 9. Would somehow have to be made hard to do somehow. Process would have to have a lot to do to complete. 

If there were a NYC map have the survivors start on ship and if they make it to NYC alive they can defeat Jason via sewers by defeating him with toxic waste if they make it to that point of the game alive

Part 2, 3, 4, 5 Jason’s could be stunned but would be faster in running speed

part 6, 7, 8, 9 would take more hits to stun but wouldn’t be as fast as running Jason’s 

Makes me wonder what the game would be like if it was done like this. 

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I'd perhaps would've liked it if the Jason's could be played as they are now by default - 'vanilla' or it was up to the players to customise, even down to movement speed and rage.

It would be so you could make the jason perhaps better on a particular area then defaults.

You'd have an amount of points to 'spend' on your jason. Each time you play, gain points, then you can unlock certain bonuses. so say you have x amount, means you could only afford to equip x amount of knives, traps, movement speed etc So all the strengths, weaknesses, plus perks like for if you wanted a particular stronger jason ability could be mixed and matched too.

The higher you level up, more jason points, the more you're able to equip together, ultimately all the stats could be tailored by you, So the higher level Jason's could get pretty uber, and deservedly so, this is your reward for the hours you've put in.

It would make it harder (or impossible) for counselor players to  know what they're dealing with and if you really feared tommy and sweater kill squads, then you could be the ultimate defence stacker to make it harder for you to be taken out. 

Also each kill jason gets gives some sort of perk. You've got to be rewarded for a kill in game as you're playing. 

I just think customisation would make things a little interesting and unpredictable. 

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For the most part yes. I would have tweaked a few things but mostly added more mechanics such as each Jason requires a different kill setup and the ability to swap weapons on the fly.

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The game's mechanics, while not perfect, weren't bad. I would have done a number of things a little bit differently, keeping in mind the need to preserve the accuracy of the content from the movies, and the balance that is a must within a game.

I would have made sure there was sufficient space to hold at least one of each known perk in the game from the beginning. I could think of at least a dozen more perks that could have been implemented that would have made matches a bit more interesting, and offered more variety to play styles.

Giving each Jason a unique 5th ability, usable once per match could have shaken things up.

On the counselor side of things, I would have considered including three or four items in addition to what we currently have. Each type of item would be in very limited supply, with a guarantee that everyone would not get one of each item that would be most useful.

I would have implemented a massive scale of randomization for item spawns on each map. Several hundred possible combinations would have made for more of a challenge in a match. I would have adjusted these on a monthly basis.

As far as escapes, at least one additional vehicle type in the spawn variety would have been nice. In addition, I wouldn't have made it possible for all seven to escape every single match. First come first serve would have made escaping mean something. Tommy could still have come in, to help keep the remaining counselors alive to survive the night, or assist them in killing Jason.

I would have engineered the Jason kill to happen at best 20-25% of matches. Jason would have had more options to avoid being made into a pinata.

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