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A message to the devs about game re-balancing.

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     So this game balancing idea of mine has everything to do with the Jason rage buff. I believe that it should be reworked. I know I’m just one fan of the game so my ideas probably isn’t all that important. I’m also not exactly sure how everyone else feels for this situation,but I have two ideas you guys could do to rework it to make it fair for Jason and Counselors both. So the dev team gave Jason the rage buff purely because everyone was gang banging on him right? Well it didn’t exactly fix that situation. Jason still gets gang banged and killed from tommy a lot of the time. It also sucks for me as a counselor (who likes to play as a long wolf and survive the full twenty minutes) because of his buff. His buff also completely takes out the point of having two perks I always used,Swift attacker and sucker punch. It probably even took out the point of more perks than that. Keep in mind I always use Jenny because her whole point is to be the final girl. My play-style was to be the final counselor and see how long I can last against Jason,but it’s a lot harder now because of the buff. So here are my ideas to fix Jason from being ganged up on and killed a lot of the time,and counselors who want to play to survive the full twenty minutes.Not to mention it will fix the perks that the buff messed with.

     So my first idea is this, it’s harder to stun Jason when in rage mode but when he does get stunned it puts him into an invincible state for a certain amount of time. This makes it to where he can’t be stunned and even when he has grabbed a counselor, no one can hit and save them while he’s in that state. Maybe even give him a little bit of a speed boost while in the state. This will fix counselors ganging on him all the time so it will keep them away from him.

     Now keep in mind,this second idea is just things to add to his currant buff in the game. So first,make it longer for his rage ability to activate,maybe around five to seven minutes left of the match. Second,add more items to stun him when he’s in rage mode,such as the flare gun and firecrackers (pretty much everything besides melee weapons). Lastly, make it to where you hit him with a melee weapon in disables his grab for a certain amount of time while he’s in rage mode,that way he can only swing his weapon or throw throwing knives.

     So there’s my ideas to rework Jason’s rage buff. I believe these ideas could be better than his current state. As I said,I’m just one player of the game out of a bunch but I do hope the devs at least read it. What does everyone think about this?

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