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How many times have you died as Jason?

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Anything that's not intended in game is an exploit, point blank period. 

The exploits plus the broken state of this game have made it so I haven't played since last year. 

I'm waiting for the fix to cars because I enjoy the driving mechanic and cat and mouse game with Jason while in it.  Throwing knives completely ruins that aspect of the game. 

Sliding either kind since people call the counselor teleport a slide, I personally think the gliding around with a shotgun or flare is more sliding, is an exploit.  Not any worse or better of an exploit than the roof glitch.   Turning any Jason into a +destruction Jason is an exploit.  Spray cancelling is an exploit.  Call any of "tech" if it makes you feel better.

Trying to justify any of this is just giving excuses as to why you can't just play the game straight up.  Which makes it funny to me when people say competitive or tournaments as none of them are played straight up.  They are all played with using any and all exploits. 

While hiding out in the lake as Jason is a bitch move, it's not an exploit.  It just makes for a boring 20 minute round. 

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