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Hello dear Community!

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Hello all! 😁

I'm playing this game since 50+ hours and I love this game so much. I am looking players to playing so if someone want just DM to me or add on Steam - Simsomaniak88812


Have a amazing day and see you in the Crystal Lake! 😃

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Welcome to the forums!

Nice bunch of time in the game. What level are you up to now? Got any cool perks yet?

Hopefully you have some regular players with you already, but if you'd like to find some from here, you could start with the general Gamertag thread. There are lots of tags in there from members here, it's wroth a look when you have some time and feel free to post your Steam ID in there as well. You could also look in the Player-Run Challenges forum, and I'd recommend the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agenecy over in General forum, they have a PC group.

Also, have a look at the Rules & Regs forum when you can for general guidelines about using this place.



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