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So about the perks update.

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39 minutes ago, Ahab said:

He does have his charms. 4 kills in 3:06 does not constitute a Jason that needs to be reworked though... Nice work... and nice quick throws. They never see those coming. It looks like you do just fine with him.
   His "weaknesses" just take some getting used to... that's all. I just cannot agree that he should be changed... I do not think any Jason's strengths or weaknesses should be changed at this point... These are a non issue, and there is much needed fixes that they should be concentrating on... and oh yeah... to be on topic again... the perk rework. I hope to see it one day, I am curious to see what they will do with it.

Thanks man. That’s what I really love about part 4 is his combat skills..... and it’s even better when counselors try fighting him..... counselors will die very quickly if they engage him. That’s when +weapon strength, +destruction, and +can run I see really help him the most.... really effective when you can run out of attacks and punish their missed swings and do lots of damage. And if they run in cabin, You’re in there quick. So there’s not much they can do to get away from him. 

39 minutes ago, Ahab said:

  Like I said, -traps is not a problem for me. It is all in how you use them. I use them on the fuse box pretty much exclusively and it rarely gets called. Not trapping cars is how I got so good at stopping them... It took a lot of practice and not trapping the car is how I get my practice... and that is all a car escaping is... practice. I rarely miss... and rarely missing is good enough for me... but I may still get better with more practice. That does not mean I will one day 'never miss'... no one is perfect.
   Even when the tankers get rid of all my traps, they are sacrificing themselves to do it any way. I only trap one spot... I do not have to check to see which one was tripped and unless I do not have an active morph, I will have them before they are out of the trap. When the cops get called, no big deal... it just puts some pressure on. And many that are still alive when they arrive wait to fight at the exit. They fall like everyone else... I do not grab near the exit.

  -Shift... taught me patience. Careful when you use it, and there will be no problem... Also, absolutely NEVER shift from behind the car with any Jason if you have an active morph... someone may be using a speed demon perk. Always come from ahead unless there is no other option.
    This also does not hurt me catching runners at all. I have patience... I have to keep them in sense range until it recharges and morph closer, in stalk... not a big deal. If I can keep them much closer because of the jogging speed of Jason, then their fear climbs and they start stumbling... If they are in knife range (quite the distance for me) and I have knives... they get knifed. I do not rely on any one ability, except under certain circumstances when they are required.... Like a vehicle starting... but I have time after the warning comes too... Strategic morphing works wonders... particularly when you know where the morph pins are. I never morph right on top of either vehicle. Always ahead.

   -Water Speed... yes, it is more difficult to catch a boat... but I almost fully completed my torpedo badge with Part 4... and that is only because he does not unlock until level 44ish and I got a few boats before I unlocked him. Boats are risky against any Jason... it is far from impossible to stop a boat with Part IV... I have stopped many. As I said above though... it is extremely rare that I even see someone get a boat started... so even if I called this a weakness... I rarely have to chase a boat anyway... so... not as effective as a weakness as many people think. It is rarely even in play.

    Non of this is to say that no one ever escapes me. But players escape from EVERY Jason. Any Jason can miss a car and 4 counselors are gone... Any Jason can miss a boat (when someone actually tries to escape on one), but it is a maximum loss of 2 counselors and many times there is only one person In the boat anyway... The boat is not even as big a deal as the 4 seater. The cops? If they do manage to call the cops... it becomes rare that anyone even tries to get a vehicle going again... Watch the sound pings, know your distances to size of ping and morph with stalk and sense on... easy kill... almost every time. Do not chase them unless you have to... less wasted time that way.

   To me, these are not weaknesses because of how I play with Part IV... and this variant is NOT for everyone... but it is NOT in need of ANY changes. Too many players rely on traps... so they WILL consider this a huge weakness. I do not, so to me, it is not a weakness... it is just what I have to work with. Too many people rely too heavily on shift... I rely on it a lot, just like everyone else... but I have patience and am very selective as to when I use it... so not a weakness to me.
    Since the boat was given a start up warning for Jason, so many people think it is a death sentence now. It is not... it is ALWAYS worth a try against ANY Jason... But even before the start up warning, it was rare for me to see a boat get started... He is slower than the boat, so angle of attack is your only chance... morph ahead to close to the exit and play goalie. Sometimes they get by... but sometimes they get by ANY Jason... even +Water Speed variants... I have done it many times.

    As far as "Can Run" and "Can't Run"... I do not look at either of them as being a strength or weakness... The early Jason variants run, the undead Jason's power walk. It is more what they are than strengths or weaknesses. But I also feel that if these were scrapped as strengths and weaknesses, and other strengths and weaknesses were put in their places... then Jason would be too over powered. Many weaknesses do not balance out his strengths in my opinion.

   But this thread was about the perk upgrade... which has nothing to do with Jason... so I think we are straying off topic a bit... But it may be a long wait for the upgrade... and we need something to talk about.

Very thorough and good reasoning you have. I will have to use -trap Jason’s more often and get used to the weakness and see how it goes for me. I’m gonna run part 4 and part 9 more. I played as both of them last night and it was a lot of fun. I’ve only been running part 8 for the longest time so it’s a good switch up for me. Part 8 always gonna be my favorite tho no matter what 😁 

At least 5 traps have always benefited me a lot. 1 trap for tommy box. 2 for phone. And 1 on 4 seat car. And I save 1 trap in case I need it for other reasons.... but like I said. Gonna try to not rely on traps and see how it goes for me. 

-water speed. I come from maiming a + water speed Jason and it’s an absolute breeze stopping the boat with that strength. I always let people fix and start the boat when I play as part 8 😁 when I use 4 more often I’ll be practicing the goalie at the exit as you describe and see how it goes 

+can run/can’t run as it’s not a super big deal I still see them as both a strength and weakness. It’s a bit easier to run someone out of stamina with a can run Jason. Also it’s a bit easier to fight counselors with a can run Jason. Easier to run out of counselors attacks and make them hit thin air. 

-shift easy to control and not miss with it. Usually effective in close range shots. Kind of hurts catching runners who run a long ways ahead of you and constantly having to use a morph to catch up to them instead of using shift. Wasted morphs for long distance chases=less objective control also paired with -traps=more less objective control.

all in all I can see your points and where you’re coming from. I still think part 4 Could at least have -traps he replaced with negative grip strength to help his objective control be a bit better than currently is. And I don’t consider -grip Strength much of a weakness at all either. The effectiveness against a good team would do a lot for him. And when I get some more p4 games in and see how much those weaknesses hurt him I will report back. Time to really put it to the test...

we did get the thread to be a bit off topic, but what thread does this not happen to sometimes.... lol perhaps we could get back to talking about the perk re work..... I can already think of several perks that need changes to be more useful. Hope we can get the re work sometime this year.

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39 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

1 trap for tommy box.

   With the -Traps... you may have to suffer without trapping the Tommy box. I find I almost always need all 3 to defend that damned fuse box. That one does suck, but remember the odds of getting the right one is still 1 in 3... many times this is just a waste of time and a trap... Just my opinion though... I see many Jason players doing this and it rarely makes a difference if Tommy gets called or not.

43 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

when I use 4 more often I’ll be practicing the goalie at the exit as you describe and see how it goes 

    Angle of attack... a torpedo that is slower than the ship it is targeting can still hit it, with the proper angle of attack... and so can Part IV... it will just never happen from behind them.

45 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

Easier to run out of counselors attacks and make them hit thin air. 

    Still very possible with a walker... just more difficult... Take Part VIII for instance. He is a walker... I know a few Part VIII players that easily prove that "Can't Run" is not a weakness. I am sure you just might know at least one yourself that can say the same... And just the fact that a "Can Run" Jason can keep pace with the slowest counselors does not make it a strength.

50 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

Wasted morphs for long distance chases=less objective control also paired with -traps=more less objective control.

   We can say this about any Jason... Part II perhaps being the exception to this. +Morphs will almost always give him a second chance at a car or boat... but he still needs to hold the car until he gets another shift.
   If you have to morph to keep up... morph ahead... with stalk and sense on if possible... turn and shift at them. Best chance of ending the chase... but you can still miss. The -Shift really does not take overly long to recharge... but you do need to be selective. You never know when a car will start.

55 minutes ago, DontZzz34 said:

And I don’t consider -grip Strength much of a weakness at all either.

   That weakness actually makes environment kills a challenge. It can sometimes be difficult to grab someone close enough to one. That is all I do not like about that weakness. Easy to overcome... do not use environment kills and always have at least one quick kill on.
    I wish you luck with Part IV... And I hope you are already good at stopping cars... you may be seeing a lot of them. Just do not let them see you.

1 hour ago, DontZzz34 said:

Hope we can get the re work sometime this year.

   It would make a great Christmas present to the players.

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