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Graphics Settings & Issues on PC

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Seriously, what the hell is up with the graphics in this game.

I did some testing and came up with some seriously confusing results.

Anti Aliasing only works half the time and only on some of the maps. For example Jarvis House, Higgins Small and Pinehurst all have proper post processing and AA, but maps like Crystal Lake Large looks much worse with horrible jagged edges, no LOD and horrible performance issues.

You cannot turn off Post Processing, because the settings reset after you restart the game (gets back to HIGH if it was set lower), so you have to change it every time you want to play, which causes numerous visual glitches if you do not restart the game. I have also noticed that the game defaults to the Windowed Fullscreen even though that automatically makes the performance WORSE.

Seriously, every match looks different, with various effects/settings being present/absent with no rhyme or reason. Some of the maps are even missing ambient sounds!

Year ago the game did not look amazing, but it looked consistently good and every match looked/sounded consistent. If you changed your settings it affected the looks of the entire game, now it does not affect anything, because every map is fucking broken and inconsistent in what graphical settings it actually employs, AA being the worst offender.

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