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Combat Bugs to make Priority

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Heres some bugs that have been ingame for a LONG time, that i would like to be made priority fixes, as they can extremely easily mess up a whole game.                

1.Weapons Swinging through jason - Been here for a while, and happens frequently, not sure if it has to do with jasons ping, but its extremely frusturating to die after your bat goes completely through his abdomen.

2.Flare guns not Stunning. - YES I KNOW IT DOESNT WORK IN RAGE.   Flare guns for a very long time have been having a bug where theyll hit jason, literally bounce off of him, and not stun him. 

3.The Combat Stance Hacks/Glitches - Sliding is still possible....

4.Jasons combat stance has had a lag in public lobbies since the engine upgrade

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