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Issue with joining LFG matches on Xbox

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Just started playing again this week.  Previously I wasn't able to join through profile on the random LFG posts.  Now...

I can't join the same matches my friends are in with a spot open without specifically getting an invite.

Even when I get "confirmed" for a LFG match, it still won't let me join the match (unless I am just missing on where to look for that beyond the posting player's profile)

And I still can't join off profiles in the LFG posts.

Hardwired network connection, Xbox Live ports forwarded correctly (unless they added new ones I wasn't aware of), and console is telling me open NAT.  Next step will probably be to uninstall then reinstall.

Any suggestions or am I doomed to try and catch my few friends who haven't gone over to the dark side (Dead By Daylight) or play with the under 13 set on quickplay matches.  Anyone else on Xbox not being affected by these symptoms?

Thanks for any help in advance.


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Confirming you are interested in a LFG post notifies the person that posted it. It does not work like an invite. They have to invite all interested players to their game.

You can join from their profile if that person is listed online and the lobby has a spot available.

They will need to send you an invite if you can't join them from their profile.

Sometimes the privacy settings they have applied can stop you from joining them. Offline mode for example.

Once in awhile an invite may fail and will need to be sent again.

You want to be listed as online and have your privacy settings set to adult. Same goes for the person you are trying to join.

Have seen many players listed as offline or have custom privacy settings that can interfere with players sending them invites or joining their games.

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