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Jason Todd Voorhees

NECA in the franchise lawsuit

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On 7/11/2019 at 8:46 AM, Slasher_Clone said:

I don’t disagree with NECA being fans and caring about the franchise and while you’re technically right that the license has already been paid for the toys they currently have for sale. The thing you’re missing is that the only way to encourage NECA to not support Horror inc. in the future, is to not buy Friday stuff until it’s out of Cunningham’s greedy little hands. You have to vote with your money, like I said before NECA can still have some of my money, just not for Friday stuff.


All that will do is make sure we don't get any more Jason figures ever. I'm buying two of each, one to open and one to keep sealed. I want NECA to know that we definitely want more Jason when this whole debacle ends. And if Horror Inc somehow won, you'd what, never buy any F13 merch again?

On 7/12/2019 at 4:51 AM, Jason Todd Voorhees said:

Wait....so NECA doesnt pay the franchise holders?.....

Yes, of course they do. They don't get it for free.

On 7/11/2019 at 4:24 PM, Dogmatic said:

But yet, if everyone voted with their money that way and the "last" four figures don't sell, NECA doesn't have any incentive to finish the remaining 4 Jason figures.


Ita vicious circle, to be sure.

Actually, I hope there is 5 still coming eventually. I want both Uber and Pre-Uber.

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1 hour ago, Big Daddy J said:

And if Horror Inc somehow won, you'd what, never buy any F13 merch again?

Yeah, it actually does. I’m not judging others based on who they choose to blame for the current situation... but I’m done with Horror inc.

For me it’s a way to deal with my personal feelings about the franchise and the game. One thing is very clear to me though, I’m very happy, even thankful that the game came along when it did. I’d stopped buying games or consoles, moved from pc to apple for convenience and in general just didn’t have any motivation to play games. Life happens to the best of us, I spent a decade not growing up and living ‘the life’ bartending, being irresponsible and playing games all day, but as I said life happened. I had a kid, moved away from my core friend group and got a ‘real job’. I moved on from games without really noticing, I lost something but didn’t know it. Then I saw a YouTuber playing Friday, I wasn’t much into watching other people play games either so it must have been recommended based on it being Friday. 

I’m a lifelong horror fan and Jason occupies a special place in my subconscious, he’s both the ideal Slasher, the iconic image pared with a perfect myth... and not my favourite. I’m a talker, never shut up and while I’m as prone to power fantasies as the next person, being a huge guy has never been one of them. I’m fine being my build (Chad but taller), with my never ending stream of words, my power fantasies tend to be of that guy, not some unthinking hulk or brute. I prefer Jason over Michael but Freddy and Chucky over both... because they talk, probably. Jason is the one I imagined on the other side of the elevator door though, he’s the one who you wanted to be on Halloween, he’s the topic of too many late nights and he’s the one we all wanted a game for, I can remember talking about it often. Gun made that happen, while I can see loads of places to improve it, I’m still impressed they made it work. They gave us a version of that hypothetical game from all those late nights.

I have a nice collection of toys and other things, not a envious one. I collect other things so it’s piece meal and was never going to be complete. I just don’t need the merch, if the game somehow got more dlc I’d still buy it but NECA has lots of other properties and license I can support. I don’t think the small amount of revenue I provide will cost you any future figures. Like I said before I’m not calling for a boycott, I’m just drawing my line in the sand. It’s my line, so I’ll put it where I need too. (Things could change too, lines drawn in sand fade... of course they could piss me off more and I could burn that line into the surface of the earth with napalm.) 


PS. Who knew I had so much to add, Jesus I should shut up sometimes. 

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