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So I made this map in RPG Maker...

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I love this...

On 6/23/2019 at 10:26 PM, HaHaTrumpWon said:

@Slasher_Clone it may take me a bit to find tilesets for your drive-in, but since you liked the first pic of her interacting with the map, I made this for you in the meantime.



🤣 🤣 😂 

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The drive-in is finished, but you may not like it because it's so different than the other ones. Sorry, I tried.


Yes, the cars are facing the wrong way. It looks silly but not as much as when I flipped them to face the right direction. The little booth across from the mapstand is a ticket booth. The building to the right is a public restroom. The one left of the mapstand is a small concession shop, and the one at the top of the map is a maintenance/storage shack. Since this map has so few buildings, the phone would spawn at either the maintenance shed, or the concession shop, and the CB would spawn at whichever one the phone didn't. Aside from outhouses, counselors would possibly be able to hide in cars and could also escape in one provided they found keys for it. This map wouldn't have vehicles to repair, so any car on the map could potentially be escaped in. This is to balance out the ridiculously easy time Jason would have finding counselors because of the map size and lack of hiding spots (inside cars, metal lockers, outhouses, or bathroom stalls).







And for shits and giggles: 


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Hey, it’s a fantasy map. Just because small maps suck in the real game doesn’t mean they can’t be a fun thought experiment. 

It’s also fantastic, but wow the cars threw me off for a second. I like the idea of bathroom stalls as hiding spots, that’s very good and fits in the genre well. The lack of windows is going to make running down the clock very hard too. 

Thank you for posting it, it turned out better than you think imo. There’s a certain disconnect or more a weird connect when you look at something like this and see the Friday map it’s trying to depict. 

It reminds me of the one from Monster Squad the kid watches watches with binoculars and a hand radio. Ironically it’s playing a Slasher movie inspired by Jason... Groundhog Day 12, I 🤔, maybe Garden Tool Massacre 4. One of those, damn Blob is on my mind and I think that was GTM4. One of these days I’m going to make a list so I can keep it straight.


Edit - 🤣, Chad messing up is priceless. Love the static, it’s a nice touch.

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