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Finally got that damn 500 Jason matches trophy

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On ‎6‎/‎24‎/‎2019 at 11:01 AM, GhostWolfViking said:

If you didn't want 1vs1 easy achievement grinding you could set a required player limit.

Before a match could be started in quick play and private match.

4+ players needed to start a match as an example. 

   If you really, really want to grind that out... you can start a private match with just two people. Find a friend that will help you out for a while... stay in communication over chat or another outside program, have them give you their position and morph to them with your first morph... kill them, game over. Rinse and repeat. You can get quite a few Jason matches racked up very quickly.
   On steam at least, these do count towards your Jason matches as I discovered when helping a friend try to figure out what kill he still needed to get his PHD in murder achievement... I asked him and he confirmed the counter added each of these matches. Steam allows you to see the progress on this and other achievements.... I am currently sitting on 581 matches as Jason but have no desire to grind it out artificially... it will come to me in another two years of playing... or something like that.
   I have noticed the selection process seems a bit buggy, talking to others in a public match to find out who has their preference on what can help make this clear... but when there is a player who gets Jason twice in a row and your preference is also on Jason... that is enough to figure out that something is rotten in the selection process.

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i started playing june 8th 2018. im almost always in quick play. i never did much 1 on 1 grinding for any of the achievments. i just play....alot.

i got 500 jason matches october 20th 2018.

then.. march 17th 2019 i reached 1000.

thats right! it only took about 9 months for me. like i said, i do play ALOT...

im also as of this day closing in on 12,000 kills, offline bots included.

since i started playing before the dedicated servers, i think there is hope for anybody thinking the host leaving a game when you were jason didnt count towards this acheivment. i believe it counts as soon as the game starts, because if it didnt, i dont think id have this achievment by now. you may be closer than you think..

if you want be a champion like me, alls ya gotta do is waste a good chunk of your life playing this game! go get em, tiger!

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