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12 minutes ago, LaDiablaXx said:

It lets me in a lobby then kicks me everytime.  Been this way for 3 days now

Hey buddy there’s a thread on it, I assume your on Steam here’s a fix that worked for Mayday...

On 5/29/2019 at 9:10 AM, Mayday said:

For those who have problems to connect try this (it works for me):

- Library
- Tools
- Right click on Steamworks Common Redistribuables
- Properties
- Steam input parameter
- Activate
- Check the integrity of the cache
- Play

Thanks for posting this Mayday.


@LaDiablaXx, could you do an introduction post and take a second to read the rules if you’re sticking around camp, there aren’t very many rules. Hope the fix helps.

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No it does'nt work finally. Anyway  that it solves the roofs problem, we can't play anymore. 😄

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Something is def screwed up with the dedicated servers. Devs have been notified multiple times over the last week, so hope they get it sorted out soon. Last time this happened they seemed to have a fix for it, but now it is back.

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