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Who is the Goodest Boy of them all?

Who is the goodest boy of them all?  

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  1. 1. Who is the goodest boy of them all? Discuss.

    • Part 2 (Farmer Boy)
    • Part 3 (Bald Boy)
    • Part 4 (Ugly Boy)
    • Part 5 (Fake Boy)
    • Part 6 (Smart Boy)
    • Part 7 (Angry Boy)
    • Part 8 (Handsome Boy)
    • Part 9 (Scary Boy)
    • Savini (Spicy Boy)

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Depends on what the parameters are for Goodest lol....

because if it’s about most kills shown in the films.....Then the trophy goes to Fake Jason part 5  more people were killed on and off screen in The New Beginning than any of the Jason’s listed in their own respective films.....


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I go with Part 8 due to looks, destructive ability, and 5 traps.  While I'd prefer he moved a little quicker, he's still my go-to guy.  And he has the 2nd highest kill count in the movies after Space Jason (remember he killed all but 2 on the Lazarus, including those students and crew we didn't see)

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