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To all my many fans, you know who you are...

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Its been great here on the forums for those of you that know how to take a joke and have fun with it.  I have been gone for quite some time and wanted to check in but it seems the powers that be still do not appreciate my humor, so as soon as Kodiak hops on (actually he had Jpops do this for him and give me another warning point instead of banning me off this censored platform, which I have asked 3 mods including the both of them to do in the past.) my post will likely be gone as well as a possible ban, (I can only hope.) either way, I am saying good bye, whether I am banned or not.  I wanted to leave you all with a few humor posts before we parted ways.  See you all on the playing fields, and thank you to all those from the good ol days that know how to laugh!  Stay cool!  You will always hold a special place in my heart @Slasher_Clone 😛  ...Not really...


I am loved by those I make laugh and disliked by those I challenge but still make laugh at the same time, the Irony!

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