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A suggestion to balance gameplay

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My suggestion is about to balance gameplay between counselors versus Jason, every counselor needs to be good on something useful to survive or escape. Not to survive alone but in group.


Like FPS, make each counselor as a class, 4 classes would be fine:


"Faster" They can run faster to escape from Jason and execute actions like jump out the window and not fall on ground, they just would escape running. This class would be useful to transport ítems faster from point A to B.


"Stronger" They could use melee weapons and do more damage to knock out Jason and help partners in danger. This class can install traps or close doors and windows so easy and faster that any other class.


"Nerds" They maybe arent stronger or faster, but they are good healing injured partners (they have equipped a med kit) and they heal unlimited times. This class is good for stealth, they can hide from Jason more easy cause they are Hard to be detected.


"Luckiest" They are fast but not as fast as "Faster" Class, they are weak but they can use fireworks or any other ítem as a decoy to confuse Jason player, This class is a good mechanic that can install auto parts so easily and fast like anyone else.


Stamina bar needs to be improved, every class waste stamina but not in the same way. Make Faster class waste less stamina running, Make stronger class gain stamina faster anytime, nerd class gain stamina faster just hiding, and last Luckiest class can gain stamina faster When player is being chased by Jason.

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