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Halloween The Game

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If you could be the maker of a Halloween video game what would you do?

If it were me making the game the ways of survival would be car, survive the night, and burn Michael alive. Cops shouldn’t be a way to escape bc he killed most of the cops the majority of the time so I don’t think cops are a realistic option. 

As far as maps go 

Part 1 haddonfield neighborhood map

Part 2 hospital map

Part 5 barn map

2018 Laurie Strode house map 

Anyways, There would be 8 survivors and 1 4 seat car and 1 2 seat car available. A 20 minute timer I think is good. To fix the car you’d have to find a good tire to replace the slashed tire. (Michael seemed to like slashing tires in the movies) and you’d have to find oil to put in the pan (Michael also seemed to like to drain the oil pan dry) if you do get in the car and try to escape beware, because Michael will be notified you started the car and he has his own car he can chase you in. Michael knew how to drive in the Halloween movies so you better be ready for a good car chase. Michael would now have a chance to try making you crash your car before you reach the escape line. 

In order to burn Michael alive you’d have to take similar steps taken as what happened in part 2. You’d have to have dr loomis there and alive to do it. This would have to be made difficult to do. This would have to be at hospital map

I’d also want similar steps taken to burn Michael alive like they did in the 2018 Halloween movie at Laurie’s house. This would obviously take place at the strode house map. 

As far as fighting Michael, I’d allow all survivors to be able to fight back but have a very low chance of stunning. The only exception would be Dr. Loomis since he’s the hero character. He’d have almost a 100% stun chance. I’d want this to be a more serious horror game where people run scared from the killer and aren’t hunting him down. To be fair, Id spawn 3 guns with 1 shot on every map that will 100% stun Michael. 

Michael would come into the game with a kitchen knife but would be allowed to find other weapons on the map as well. 

Michael would have Morph and Stalk. Since the survivors have almost no hope of stunning Michael I think it’s fair to not allow Michael to sense where everyone is. The Halloween theme song would come on when he’s getting near someone to hint at him someone is in the area. This same music would come on for the survivor but it wouldn’t show michaels location on mini map like it does in f13..... Still not sure if a shift ability should be allowed or not. For Michael to get kills I think a similar grab and slash like how f13 is would be perfect. 

When survivors fix the car similar noises would come up if they miss their skill checks if they mess up to notify Michael they’re fixing the car so he can morph to the car to stop them. 

As far as special characters go, Dr. Loomis would be the only special character that is supposed to be a hero who comes in with a pistol after 2 people die/escape 

no emotes

This is how I’d make the game if I had the chance to throw ideas at developers making it. A Halloween game would be absolutely amazing. I’m interested to see how you guys would make the game if you had a chance to. Let me know what you guys would do and any comments on what I wrote. 

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