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Page suggestions- Revisited

Lets re visit patch suggestions  

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  1. 1. Flare guns and fireworks to stun in rage?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. The only ones allowed to stun a raged Jason are the Final Survior and Tommy Jarvis

    • Yes
    • No

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18 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

I’m not quite sure if you understand this or not but I wouldn’t consider everything you state exactly a fact.

   Now you are catching on... the sarcasm parts are "not always" facts... it is just sarcasm.

   Also... it is against the forum rules to quote long posts. Please refrain from doing so... Just quote the relevant points as I have done here in this post... or simply tag the person you are responding too... We remember what we said in the posts that you are responding too... and others can feel free to scroll back and read the original post at any time for contextual reference... each quote is marked with a date of its posting for easy reference... We all thank you in advance for your cooperation.

   Understanding "things" sometimes means you have to learn things that you are not interested in just to be able to understand the things you are interested in. Most things are far more complicated than most people care to admit.... and everything is connected to other things in more ways than people think. Even the simplest of problems like 1+1 takes more than you would think to explain to someone who does not have the slightest idea of how to do it.

   But... anybody can be wrong about... anything. This includes you and me... and everybody else. But just a plain and simple fact here.... when anyone can come up with a great many legitimate points that refute the statement of any one person... there opinion is wrong. This is another thing that is actually far more complicated than most people think... But I am not going to write another "book" to explain this... Legitimate points to refute another's opinion is enough to prove said opinion invalid... and d'nyle is not just a river in Egypt.
   And I freely admit when I am wrong... but only when it can be proven I am wrong. I do not open my mouth about things when I do not know what I am talking about and if I do, I will make it perfectly clear that I am not sure about the statement.

18 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

The way you talk in text and word things seems very far from a joke, it seems like you’re doing it more to piss me off more than anything.

   This does come back at me quite a bit... and there is a reason for it. The truth hurts... particularly when someone's world view is shattered by the "truth"... And I am a very honest person... Everyone says they like to hear the truth, but when they hear it, it is rare that they like it or accept it for that matter... And they almost uniformly lash out in this manner.
    No amount of people saying anything remotely like your statement here will make me even consider dishonesty... And I refuse to sugar coat anything. The truth will hurt, but it will set everyone free.

   When I was still in school... most of my teachers hated my guts... Why is this you ask? Well.. let me share this one with you... I knew the text books inside out very early into each class. In fact, I was already reading, understanding and memorizing far more advanced text books than were being taught to me at the time. I would often point out where these teachers were wrong... and correct them, with the evidence to back me up... and they were wrong more than you would think. Many of these teachers responded to me with similar statements to your statement here.
 Teachers that were respectful to me... I would actually talk to them after class and not embarrass them in front of the other students... They were actually very appreciative of the help... Respect shown = respect given.

18 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

Try to work on not sounding like an ass when you counter someone’s argument is all I’m trying to pass off to you and we will be all good.

   I only sound like an ass to people that do not enjoy their world views being shattered by "truth"... as explained above. To people with a fair grasp of the language we agreed upon at the beginning of the conversation... the meaning of my words are obvious... But I do not like dumbing things down either.

18 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

that doesn’t make it right to assume I was a player who trolled Jason all the time, discrediting me, discrediting my gameplay, etc

   Ah... but you did throw several accusations towards me that were completely unfounded... hence, the increase in sarcasm each time this happened... and the perfectly legitimate reason to assume trollish behavior. 
   I have a hatred of trolls of all types... whether their behavior is directed at me... or at others... But I will defend others far more viciously than I will ever defend myself. "Trolls" literally are my "White Whale"... But they will never kill me... I have a skull hard enough that it is CSA approved... I even have the sticker to prove it... And my heart was torn out long ago.
   If you are not a troll.... GREAT, more power to you!!!... but many of your comments do reflect support of trollish behavior... Thusly, it makes for a very good assumption... If it acts like a troll, or if it defends the behavior of a troll in any way... it is a safe assumption to assume it is a troll... Personally, I hope you are not a troll... but my hopes have been shattered many times in the past.

19 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

Now, what did you think of my comment where Tommy Jarvis can stun in rage but only have 1-2 hit weapon durability?

   Although I may not have come up with it first... I never read this idea anywhere before I wrote it in reply to @Risinggrave as what I consider to be an acceptable compromise to the "Tommy stunning Jason after Rage" suggestion... But you will take note, someone may have thought of this before and I never read it... but it is the simplest way to compromise here if this were ever to be allowed... which is why I thought of it here.
   Great minds think alike and will often come up with the same ideas... or the bow and arrow (just one of thousands of inventions that more than one culture came up with without contact with each other) would have not been a "tool" in use world wide in ancient times when the first to invent in and the second to invent it had ZERO contact with each other.

   As  I already stated though... I feel this is an acceptable compromise IF Tommy was ever to be allowed any kind of immunity to the rage buff. I just do not feel it necessary in ANY way. If less people were escaping... and if it were actually difficult to kill Jason... then I would go with Tommy having complete immunity to the rage buff... But as I keep saying... and it IS a FACT... more people are escaping, more Jason players are getting lower kill counts and Jason is still easily falling to the Jason hunters... Just with these three points alone... which ARE facts whether you want to admit to it or not... This buff for Tommy is unnecessary.
   There are many other ways for Tommy to help or save other counselors... I have mentioned a great many ways I have done it myself and have been saved by other people playing Tommy quite a few times since the patch as well... with ZERO stuns on Jason required to do it... But yes, there may have been a few uses of the shot gun in there.
   If you have made it this far in reading this post... I congratulate you!!! It does seem with quite a few of your replies that you did not actually read the majority of any one of my posts.
   @Slasher_Clone and I did not get off to a good start on these forums either... I remember the first time he replied to a post of mine, in which I was treating an actual troll to some of my special brand of sarcasm... This particular brand of troll made the same types of arguments in the same way that you do. Slasher and I were very quickly able to get along very well... as Slasher is a very nice person... and so am I... and when people show respect, they get respect back.

18 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

Not taking it personal man.

   Glad to hear it... Nothing I say or have said here is really meant as a personal attack in any way. As I said before... the whole world would 100% agree that it was an attack if I so chose to make an attack... No one throughout history, or existing today, or who would read it in the future would even question it... were I to chose to make an attack.
   I try to be very honest... as dishonesty serves no one and is more harmfully than many think.... I have asked a great many questions on these forums to a great many people who could answer them and did a great deal of reading on these forums as well... combined with my own (considerable) experiences in game (which I am actually honest about)… I actually have a pretty damned good idea of what I am talking about... But I do not claim to know everything... and when I am not sure about something... I ask others that may know more about that aspect, and do a bit more research on it myself... and when I am wrong I admit it... There is no shame in being wrong... There is only shame in choosing to remain ignorant of the truth.

@Slasher_Clone Olives are very tasty...
   You may not be the voice of reason that these forums deserve (that might actually fall to me... maniacal laughter is now echoing throughout my house)... But you most certainly are the voice of reason that these forums need... Never change Slasher... we all need you just as you are.
    Also... I enjoy reading your posts as well.

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