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Favorite way to survive?

Favorite way to survive?  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • Boat
    • Car
    • Cops
    • Killing Jason
    • Running out the clock

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My favorite is the boat. There's something about the thrill of trying to put it all together undetected, hoping some dipwad doesn't pick up the gas two houses away from the boat and haul it across the map to the car that already has gas in it, and then the actual escape where if Jason sees you you might get one chance to juke him and escape.
I've even started strategizing my boat escapes, too. I usually can tell where the parts are now. So after I pick one up, I'll cruise through the places the other is likely to be and if it's there, just leave it there without picking it up so no one else sees it on the map. The gas especially. It's maybe a dick move, but it drives me nuts when people pick up parts and either intentionally or unintentionally do stupid things with them.

So the boat is my favorite. The cops are probably the most common and the one I look for first, though. As others have said, it helps everyone and it's an insurance policy if all else fails. I think it also puts pressure on Jason, because now he's on the clock instead of being able to take his time and set things up. He also feels the shame of not protecting an objective. It flips the momentum of a round.

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