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New Patch creates stat inbalance

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This patch indirectly makes stamina and speed more desirable than the other stats in the game.

Luck is almost useless after rage and now a double edged sword, and composure and stealth are more mediocre to have.

It completely changes the scope of the counselors to play as.


To offset this, composure can get a boost of sense avoidance and reacting to lights going out

1 - 4 (No boost)

Screams when the lights go out in every circumstance.

5 - 7 (5%  sense avoidance)

Screams when the lights go out if nervous.

8 - 9 (7.5% sense avoidance)

Screams when the lights go out if scared.

10 (10 % sense avoidance)

Screams when the lights go out if hysterical



After Jason gets rage, high luck counselors receive a small boost in damage resistance of going through broken windows and traps. This was already in the game before, but removed for balance purposes back then. 

1 - 4 (No boost)

5 - 7 (5 - 7% damage resistance)

8 - 9 (8 - 10% damage resistance)

10 (10 - 12% damage resistance)



Every counselor, unless this has been changed recently, benefits greatly when Jason goes into rage, by his range of hearing. Although his sense range expands significantly.

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