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Jason is the Star Rant

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It's true that Jason is the star but I find it annoying when people say things like "Jason is the star of the game therefore counselors don't matter" etc etc. He is the main star yes but what about other characters in the movie like Alice and Tina. I mean yeah they get killed off but they are stars too. As much as I like playing the game it feels like there is something missing when playing as counselors and it is made more predominate with constantly opening empty drawers. To that end it is a movie game and I definitely feel ripped off (in a good way) because it's so 80s/90s to make a game that is basically fan service and pays no tribute to game mechanics and is not a playable game lol. Going into it I knew there wasn't much love for counselors other than a pretty face to kill but having played a couple matches I feel like it could have been so much more. DBD is selling like hotcakes on steam and I feel that this game missed out on the bandwagon by not caring for the counselors. Having said that there are new teen survivor horror movie games out now like last year the nightmare and I'm so glad that the market is starting to get these horror movie tropes. After watching movies like Scary Movie I always wanted to play as a survivor and try to make it through the night and now I can. Granted this game has issues and the fact that it was littered with bugs adds to the charm though I will be crossing my fingers for a multiplayer survivor horror game with the scale set to games such as Until Dawn.


-end rant

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