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Since the game has started getting patched again one of the last things the devs did before going on hiatus from the lawsuit was removing the workaround allowing Ultrawide players to play without a zoomed in screen. Is there any chance that this can be re-added or at the very last have official support given, I understand the point being that having such a huge FOV from before could give an advantage but a compromise besides a zoomed in screen would be ideal, currently I just run the game in 1920x1080 but it would be nice to enjoy the game with every pixel on my monitor.


What the game used to look like (bonus clothing glitch they patched and reset as-well :(.)


Current 2560x1080 the screen zooms in quite a bit.


Current 1920x1080




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I just got an ultrawide 21:9 3440x1440 monitor and I'm encountering this.  It's basically made the game unplayable, the game caps out at 1920x1200 (16:10) and seems to force the window to zoom in.  It's pretty hard to play with the counselor taking up like 1/3 of the screen.

Is there any method at all to at least make the game render in the standard 16:9 with black bars on the side, assuming no true ultrawide support?  I'd at least be happy with that.

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