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Im tired of the toxic people breaking the games code of conduct.

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Hello. Friday the 13th game is currently my favourite game. However just today I have been in around seven rounds were numerous people have been abusing and ruining it for others. Gun Media have a rule in their code of conduct saying no councilors are allowed to team up with jason to betray other councilors. It is a permanent bannable thing to do in a quick play lobby. I have countessly have video evidence of this and abuse over mesaaging saying we dont like people like you trying to play the game. I have consistantly reported these people on separate but multiple times. Nothing has been done as they are still playing the game. Gun media has its own report system, but i dont know how i can upload my video evidence to mircosoft edge. Can someone help me to get this done please? I have an xbox no pc. Can anyone instruct me please on how to upload my video evidence to show you to this thread please.

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