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ARK Survival Evolved

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Hey guys, since there was no one was talking about this game yet I figured I would step in and start a conversation about it.  For those of you who don't know; ARK Survival Evolved is an open world MMO Survival game.  You start off on a beach cold and hungry and must make fire, eat, drink and make clothes for yourself as well as build shelter from the elements.  Oh and it has DINOSAURS!!!  Yes you my survive in this world filled with both passive and aggressive Dinosaurs and other various extinct creatures, from the idiot Dodo birds, to the powerful T-Rex, you must hunt and eventually tame these creatures.  Majority of the the animals in ARK can have a saddle put on them and ride them into battle, all have unique traits to them.  It's a fun game to play, however it's not without problems.  What are you thoughts about the game if you have played it, and for those of you who haven't played ask some questions and I would be glad to answer them. 

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