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Hey all

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Welcome to the forums!

How're you getting on with the game? Been playing long? Any favourite counselors or Jasons yet? Hope you enjoy things.

If you're interested in finding some new players from here, you could firstly take a look at the general Gamertag thread. Lots of tags from members there, it's pretty big by now but worth a browse through when you have time, and feel free to post your PSN in there as well. There are also some groups in Player-Run Challenges, and you could try the Good Sportsmanship Club / Crystal Lake Employment Agency in General forum, if you like. Hope this helps!



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Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Welcome to Camp Blood! make sure to read the official Friday the 13th the Game Forum Rules! Got a Bug or User report? Head to JasonKillsBugs! And or want to discuss about suggestions and other ideas you have? Head to Friday the 13th the Game: Suggestions/Feedback section! And if you want to talk to other players about the game just head to Friday the 13th the Game General Discussions but for "News and Updates" for the game head over to the F13: Game News/F13 Game: About but overall enjoy your stay here!

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