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I have a suggest for the game.

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Hi. Im sorry, but a dont speak english very well. You have done a good game. But the game have a few problems.

1. the party of different native language speakers is big problems for gamers. 

in doesnt metters for Jason, but it is so metters for counselors. We need lobby for russian, english, germany  and other speakers. Or you want to do a universal communication tool.

2. bad ping.  We need more servers.

3. small online. We can pays with ps4, xbox and pc gamers bogether.


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@saac_ua Welcome to the forums!

    Language barriers can be a problem for communication for sure... But I doubt more servers will be added... they are not cheap. The existing player base does not really justify adding more servers either... but optimization may yet help with high pings... someday. The best you can really do is add some people to your friends list that you would like to play with again and try to play in groups. 

    Cross platform gamming with everyone would be great. But there is a lot more involved in doing this than most people realize. I would love to see this as well, but it probably will not happen.

    Happy Slashing!

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