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Jason - Human or Zombie?

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Okay really hate to bring this up because I F@#KING HATE THIS MOVIE but.... In Jason goes to hell it heavily implied that Pamela Voorhees used The Necronomicon Ex Mortis from Evil Dead to resurrect Jason and we all know that book can do some seriously freakie shit so it's not beyond the realm of possibility for the book to turn him into the man monster we all know and love

I belive this to be true.Demons from the astral celestial realms and big supernal demons must have had intercourse with Mrs Voorhees .The Necromonicon was written by a crazy arab guy and expanded upon by H.P Lovecraft.Most occultist claim that its a fake grimoire but it still works. Throughout history there has been angels that have had sex with women and spawned half human half celestial demon.

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Ronnie and I spoke in great detail to Sean Cunningham about this. And most of the theories represented here are in line with our conversation. But also, did you guys get a chance to read the Friday the 13th graphic novels? There are two volumes. The second volume has a chapter called "The Bad Lands". It is a very interesting take on F13 lore. I highly recommend you guys pick it up. Don't want to spoil anything, but basically their stance is that it's less about the Voorhees family, and more about Crystal Lake as a cursed land. The story moves between current time period and then back to Native American times. It also has amazing artwork. 





If you actually look up online true people that were born half demon youd see how Jason is a half demon .Ill give some examples and names of true events you guys cann look up in a search engine .Maha Maya  of India who gave birth to Buddha via sexual intercourse with some spirits  in The Himalaya Mountains.Mother Shipton of Scotland .Her mother was a virgin who gave birth to her through sexual intercourse with a demon .Ogamisama of Japan who is worshipped as gods only daughter.I encourage fans to do their research on the demonic origins of Jason and the Friday the 13th story.

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This was the focus of Freddy vs Jason vs Ash as well. Freddy wanted to get ahold of the Necronomicon to unleash the dream world into reality and had to go through Ash to get it. Even though the Necronomicon is the focus of the Evil Dead series, it's actually a reference from the works of H.P. Lovecraft. 


Essentially, the book is public domain and the use of it in other works was actually supported by Lovecraft. For Friday to make more use of that mythology is not a bad angle and offers a lot in terms of story potential. Tommy uses books of the occult in part 6 and this series really could use another Jason Lives type entry to inject some energy to the franchise. 



I agree

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Neither. He's a revenant.


A revenant is a visible ghost or animated corpse that is believed to have returned from the grave to terrorize the living.


Vivid stories of revenants arose in Western Europe (especially Great Britain, and were later carried by Anglo-Norman invaders to Ireland) during the High Middle Ages. Though later legend and folklore depict revenants as returning for a specific purpose (e.g., revenge against the deceased's killer), in most Medieval accounts they return to harass their surviving families and neighbours.


Many stories were documented by English historians in the Middle Ages. William of Newburgh wrote in the 1190s, "It would not be easy to believe that the corpses of the dead should sally (I know not by what agency) from their graves, and should wander about to the terror or destruction of the living, and again return to the tomb, which of its own accord spontaneously opened to receive them, did not frequent examples, occurring in our own times, suffice to establish this fact, to the truth of which there is abundant testimony.”


Revenants share some similarities with zombies in modern fiction. This is a result of contemporary depictions of zombies having evolved from vampire fiction (specifically Richard Matheson's novel I Am Legend, which was a major influence on the zombie film Night of the Living Dead). The original folklore about zombies had less in common with revenant legends.


Similarities are also obvious with the aptrgangr (literally 'again-walker', meaning one who walks after death) of Norse mythology, although the aptrgangr, or draugr, is usually far more powerful, possessing magical abilities and most notably is not confined to a deathlike sleep during the day - although it does usually stay in its burial mound during the daylight hours - and will resist intruders, which renders the destruction of its body a dangerous affair to be undertaken by individual heroes. Consequently, stories involving the aptrgangr often involve direct confrontations with the creature, in which it often reveals to be immune to conventional weapons. Such elements are absent from the revenant lore, where the body is engaged in its inert state in daylight, and rendered harmless.


Also references of revenant-like beings come from the Caribbean and are often referred to as 'The soucouyant' or 'soucriant' in Dominica, Trinidadian and Guadeloupean folklore (also known as Ole-Higue or Loup-garou elsewhere in the Caribbean).


So, a variant of the zombie, but not a Romero-esque zombie.

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