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I was thinking that the longer a counselor does "normal" behaviors (maybe from a list) at the beginning of a round, the better they'll be able to run/sneak/perform abilities, etc.


This creates situations where things like a window "smash-and-grab", or Jason attacking from under the bed, or a sleeping bag kill can occur. Otherwise, these kinds of signature kills just won't happen, and everything will be running slashes with Jason jogging and slashing at a running victim.


Just about every signature kill is created through victims being in specific scenarios FIRST, and Jason taking advantage of the situation.


In gaming scenarios, to have the 3d models interact correctly, you basically need to have the victims and Jason in specific positions, carrying specific weapons, etc.


As a player, you need a reason to climb into a sleeping bag, despite knowing there's a specific kill just waiting to happen.. Lying in bed isn't likely for a player either, etc..


You see the problem.


Having a list of tasks to acheive until Jason shows up, puts the player in those compromising positions... They need a reward to get them there... At least until the first, second, or maybe even third kill.


This also creates tension, because the players KNOW they might be screwed by sticking to these task, but sticking with it will improve their chances of winning.. They'll be watching for any indication that Jason is around, and will drop the task list like a hot potato if they think he's there.


Another way to handle it might be tasks earn things that are needed for one of the escape options. For example, picking up the boathouse keys might be one of the tasks that they'll reach if they perform their other tasks first. Unfortunately, without the key, they'd be stuck picking the lock before they could get in there.

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I'm all for counselor differentiation!  I like the idea of safe-from-Jason daytime chores translating into skills/tools which could help you during the not-safe-from-Jason night.


Maybe counselors could also come with native abilities, kinda like the characters in Maniac Mansion.  You could have all sorts of personas:

  • Horror fanboy/fangirl who can use masks and make-up to trick Jason
  • Psychology major who can trick Jason
  • Gearhead who can fix cars
  • Dancer/Gymnast who is very nimble and can quickly climb and jump over objects
  • IT Geek who can fix radios, phones and laptops
  • Psychokinesis (like Tina Shepard).  Super powerful, so maybe only a bonus unlock for single player mode.
  • Aspiring rockstar, just because J.J. was really cool and it'd be a nice way to expose some classic Friday the 13th soundtrack songs. 
  • Med Student, because healing, duh
  • Popular Beauty/Hunk, so you can convince NPCs to do what you want.
  • Thief, to help pick locks and steal from the store (if there are town visits)

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@deadguy71 I couldnt agree with this more! A mechanic that could work is in The Last Of Us online game. In the mode "interrogation" it takes time to do tasks. Namely opening safes.to find the safe, you must shake info out of an opponent like 4 times.while doing this you can be killed.your completely vulnerable.the foes teammates are alerted that one of their own is being interrogated.after finding the safe,it has to unlocked in phases...

So..this could work here.doing naughty things and other tasks like skinny dipping,gettin high,etc could be tasks to be done,that would- a)leave you vulnerable,b)take time,c)unlock something else vital to completing mission,d)give achievement point. Doing like 5 give or take of these per round to get to vital things in the game would be a necessary element someone would have to sacrifice for,but would set up for a kill also.


@finalguy, id love a daylight/night cycle,but i think the creators set in stone that everything takes place at night,during 1 night.:(

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We'll have things for the counselors to do while they try to avoid Jason ;). There will be risks and rewards for everything concerning your activities; basically nothing is going to be easy, and the risky stuff will pay off big. What all that accounts for.....well, I won't get into it just yet, but know that we've been working on ways to keep things lively, believable and challenging. After all, what person in their right mind would get in a sleeping bag in this game? Well, we've got a reason or two you might!

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