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Irritating shit done by fellow counselors?

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2 hours ago, JennyMyers1984 said:

I only drop the keys to people I know. I’ll give the keys to friends but not to randoms in the lobby. Not saying that every player is going to take off and leave you behind but it has happenes numerous times before and a Jason with a slow shift will most likely give up on the car and go after an easier target. 

However if I find both sets of keys and I am in a random quick play match, more than likely I’ll drop a set off at a car.

I feel the same way most of the time. I get that a lot of players aren't trustworthy. Most of the time I drive, so I'll hold onto the keys. For times when there's an abundance of items left in the match, I'll stash the keys nearby, but out of sight. If and when the time comes to ride out of camp, I'll snag the keys from my hiding spot, start her up, pick up whoever I can, and ride off into the night.

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