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What weapon goes well with Savini?

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Machete (the classic) , Pig Splitter (I think he would be very brutal Jason and those kills would fit him) , in some cases even the pick-axe. It's very nice if you have the DLC kills as well. But also the Battle Axe , I think the Battle Axe just has this….devilish theme .

And of Course the Trident.

And also , since you're new on here……...

Welcome to the Forum and don´t Forget to introduce yourself! http://forum.f13game.com/forum/5-introduce-yourself/

We are happy to welcome you!.......Well , atleast most of us!

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On 7/26/2018 at 7:37 AM, TheHansonGoons said:

The first two listed from @The Wolf with that Toast. Machete and Pig splitter. I like them for how quickly he can smash doors down in combat mode, and without having to be way over to the side like when using shears.

Yeah, the shears took a bit to master. Im still about 14lvs short of swapping til I prob never use them again...

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35 minutes ago, Redcat345 said:

Spear and battle axe (aka " the mother in law").

I am so stealing that mother in law joke. I like the fire ax better but a good joke might be worth it.

edit - I don’t have Savini, I just like how fast an reliable the swing is on the fire ax. (Used the throw kill to move infront of the car yesterday and got called a cheater, lol)

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