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Spam, selling cheat programs on the forums of the game in steam

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I understand that things are not very good in the game. But in the RU community is something odd going on in the forums Steam game, the constant spam is empty or useless manuals that are not related to the theme of the game selling cheat programs and call for their use, calls for the use of error game in order to their benefit. Community of children (I'm talking about RU community, we have a lot of children), for which parents do not look, that the game has age limits. But because of this chaos and anarchy some on the forum and in the manuals. I would like to ask you to find at least one person who kept order in the forum, was the moderator. The previous RU community moderator was online a year ago and obviously we will not see him. It's just very sad that this can happen.

Thank you for your attention!

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