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Which Style Of Grab Kills Do You Employ The Most As Jasons?

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13 hours ago, x OLd ScRatCh x said:

I have a similar thought process in regards to punishing jerks, but slightly different in that I slash dancers and show offs to death. They don't get the privilege of a nice cinematic kill to watch. They get killed with zero consequence and no fan fare. They are not worthy.

For simply annoying people, I agree and do the same.  I kill them quickly and unceremoniously.

I'm referring ones who REALLY piss me off, like teamers who pull ridiculous stuff several games in a row.  I will ignore everyone else in the match until they are dealt with, slowly and painfully.  I'll slash them until they limp, then pick the most brutal environmental kill nearby; if they break out of my grab before I can get there, I'll try again.  And again.  And again.  They've had a laugh wasting my time, so now I'll waste theirs.  If they end up quitting, so be it.  At least I don't have to deal with them anymore.


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