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So, am I going to get put in the Salt Mines?

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I'd taken a break from the game for a few weeks and came back for the event weekend and despite the last patch being a bug fix, stuff seems uh, worse than before. I've spawned is as a different counselor or Jason more than once (which was supposedly fixed in this last patch, I though?), but that's not why I'm making this thread.

REPEATEDLY, I'm loading into matches with a full lobby. The intro cinematic plays, and then suddenly everyone is delegated to spectator except for a couple of counselors and the Jason. Everyone else actually loaded in, but never gets a chance to actually play. What's up with this? Am I going to be sent to the Salt Mines because I quit out of being a spectator in a match where I never even died?

I still love the gameplay and will be happy to keep playing with the promised bug fixes, but this is quite literally making it impossible to play the game.

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