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   As we all know of course that Friday The 13th has met an unfortunate end due to legal issues. It was a really great game while it lasted, but honestly it's time to move on to a new game and here's why.


   Now sure we can all still play Friday The 13th and the developers still promise us dedicated servers but we all know that any new content won't make it's way into the game anymore. This game had so much potential to become 10x greater than it already is but unfortunately that's just not gonna happen. The game itself is dying and has been a total mess despite the fact it's a really good game. Moving on to another game will create many more possibilities and new things and of course more money for Gun Media. I have two ideas for a horror game that I think Gun Media should focus on next when the time is right. Matter of fact I have two game ideas that I would love to see and here they are.



I also have another idea for a more original style game which I have no title for it but for now I will use this title.



First let's talk about the Halloween Game. 

   The biggest problem with this game are the legal issues obviously so most likely this won't happen. However just to speak in a theoretical sense, the game would be a Halloween game but in the style of Friday The 13th The Game gameplay wise. 

Now sure if you wanted to play as Michael Myers you could go play Dead By Daylight but personally I don't like the style of that game. I want a Halloween game where the slasher has actual kill animations just like Friday The 13th. The problem with Dead By Daylight is that the killer doesn't have actual kill animations, you swing your weapon until the survivor is injured just to pick them up, hang them on a hook and wait for some alien like thing to abduct them which is silly. Michael Myers is the OG immortal slasher and there wouldn't be a Jason without Michael Myers. But moving on to the more original idea for a game..

So this game Thy Death Will Come or whatever it should be called can be a game where you can not only create your own survivor but create your own slasher by chosing his weapon, his mask or have him simply unmasked and you can customize your kill animations by selecting how the kill will start and how your slasher will finish the kill. You would have a variety of different customizations of all things horror! 

I love Friday The 13th and I sincerely believe the horror genre should not end here game wise and Gun Media is a great team that is very unappreciated by a lot of people of the community. 

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I do not buy any games made by Illfonic, they are very bad at programming.

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